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Jul 24, 2007 08:33 AM

Morton's Steakhouse vs Ruth's Chris (moved from DC)

I'm trying to decide which of the these two places is really worth the money? i.e. food, wines, service.

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  1. If you are in the DC area neither there are better options: Charlie Palmer, Rays the Steaks in NOVA (long wait no reservations) or Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring (takes reservation yay!) and probably others. But if you really want a decision between the two I like Ruth Chris better I can't really even explain why, but I do, it's probably the butter I always find Morton's steaks kind of dry.

    1. I went to Ruth's Chris for the first time in Crystal City on Sat night and now I love it there! If you want a cheaper alternative to that, I would highly recommend Ray's the Steaks. You get the creamed spinach and potatoes free and the filet is cheaper. And he's got homemade desserts - Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse the last time I was there.


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        Yeah everyone always poo poohs Ruth's Chris... but I have like every one I;ve been to

      2. I've been to Rays (SS), Mortons, and RC recently.

        Of the three, I like RC the best...hands question.

        I'm kind of baffled about all the love that Rays gets although I haven't been to the Arlington location.

        1. Charlie Palmers would be my first choice, followed by Prime RIb, Morton's, and then a distant Ruth's Chris. Ray's is the best value but the one in Arlington does not take reservations and has no ambiance.

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            I agree with the Charlie Palmer rec. Besides very good food, the sleek decor and service are great at CPS. And on a clear night the lit Capitol dome is awesome.

            Their wine list is unique -- domestic only and representing as many states as possible (given their Capitol proximity). And if you bring your own domestic wine they waive the corkage fee (2 bottle max/table). But you may wish to confirm this when you make reservations.

          2. I like the Ruth located on Florida Ave & Conn Ave NW. Mortons has a $99 special for two deal going on now till Sept 31. But I haven't been yet. Of them all I like Ray's in Arlington for value and quality. CP is nice to look at but otherwise, like Cap Grille etc. I think just another high dollar brag to you friends joint.

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            1. re: RobertM

              The worst steak I've ever had was at downtown RC's. Had I known it would be bathed in butter and the plate fajita-hot, maybe I wouldn't have been surprised. Ray's in Silver Spring has a great meal for less. The most expensive cut is a massive cowboy bone-in rib-eye (though all rib-eyes should be bone in) for $32, sides included.

              1. re: nickdanger

                Bathed in butter is what you do when the quality of your meat tends to be poor- fat coats the tastebuds leaving you not able to taste anything else.