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Morton's Steakhouse vs Ruth's Chris (moved from DC)

I'm trying to decide which of the these two places is really worth the money? i.e. food, wines, service.

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  1. If you are in the DC area neither there are better options: Charlie Palmer, Rays the Steaks in NOVA (long wait no reservations) or Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring (takes reservation yay!) and probably others. But if you really want a decision between the two I like Ruth Chris better I can't really even explain why, but I do, it's probably the butter I always find Morton's steaks kind of dry.

    1. I went to Ruth's Chris for the first time in Crystal City on Sat night and now I love it there! If you want a cheaper alternative to that, I would highly recommend Ray's the Steaks. You get the creamed spinach and potatoes free and the filet is cheaper. And he's got homemade desserts - Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse the last time I was there.


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        Yeah everyone always poo poohs Ruth's Chris... but I have like every one I;ve been to

      2. I've been to Rays (SS), Mortons, and RC recently.

        Of the three, I like RC the best...hands down...no question.

        I'm kind of baffled about all the love that Rays gets although I haven't been to the Arlington location.

        1. Charlie Palmers would be my first choice, followed by Prime RIb, Morton's, and then a distant Ruth's Chris. Ray's is the best value but the one in Arlington does not take reservations and has no ambiance.

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            I agree with the Charlie Palmer rec. Besides very good food, the sleek decor and service are great at CPS. And on a clear night the lit Capitol dome is awesome.

            Their wine list is unique -- domestic only and representing as many states as possible (given their Capitol proximity). And if you bring your own domestic wine they waive the corkage fee (2 bottle max/table). But you may wish to confirm this when you make reservations.

          2. I like the Ruth located on Florida Ave & Conn Ave NW. Mortons has a $99 special for two deal going on now till Sept 31. But I haven't been yet. Of them all I like Ray's in Arlington for value and quality. CP is nice to look at but otherwise, like Cap Grille etc. I think just another high dollar brag to you friends joint.

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              The worst steak I've ever had was at downtown RC's. Had I known it would be bathed in butter and the plate fajita-hot, maybe I wouldn't have been surprised. Ray's in Silver Spring has a great meal for less. The most expensive cut is a massive cowboy bone-in rib-eye (though all rib-eyes should be bone in) for $32, sides included.

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                Bathed in butter is what you do when the quality of your meat tends to be poor- fat coats the tastebuds leaving you not able to taste anything else.

            2. To me it really depends on what cut of beef your after. If I'm after prime rib I go to Morton's. If I'm after porterhouse I go to RC. If I'm after a sirlion there's none better in town than the dry aged at Capital Grille.

              1. Please specify your area- it really does make the difference. Also, In some ways it depends on what cut/taste you're going for, as IMO RC is not worth it if you don't care for the maitre d butter. I think that Mortons also has better ribeye. I have been to several RC in MD/DC/PA/FL over the years & find them to be different. I have never been dissapointed with Mortons.

                Also, as others mentioned, depending on your area, there are other options as well to consider. I really enjoy Capitol Grille too.

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                  I do not particularly like either Ruth's Chris (the butter is just a bit much) or Morton's. I ate in Morton's in three different cities (DC, Philly and Boca) in a month and every meal was terrible, not just mediocre, terrible. Meat cooked wrong, too long to replace, cold dishes hot, hot dishes cold, indifferent service. So, they are off my list. My favorite chain steak house is Capitol Grille, followed by Flemings. CG not only has good to great steaks, but decent seafood as well.