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Jul 24, 2007 08:22 AM

Lunch suggestions near Inner Harbor Baltimore?

My parents will be in town and would like to visit the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Any recommendations for nearby quality restaurants for lunch(mobility is limited--outdoors dining would be great!)? Thanks.

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  1. The Inner Harbor area is mostly mediocre chain central. But mediocrity is a subjective term, I guess.

    Here are some options -- not sure which ones other than Rusty Scupper have outdoor dining:

    McCormick & Schmicks
    M&S Grill
    PF Changs
    Rusty Scupper
    Capital Grille
    Legal Seafood

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    1. re: bordeauxfan

      I think Capital Grille is the class act in that bunch, and they've this summer added a new shaded outdoor dining area.
      For the record, Legal Seafood, M&S Grill, and McCormick & Schmick also have outdoor dining. I'm not sure about PF Changs.

      1. re: gore

        PF Changs does have a small outdoor area to the left of the restaurant. Though I would go there for apps and dessert only.. entrees aren't very special at all. I second Capital Grille. If they're here next week, CG has a great $20 Restaurant Week lunch special.

    2. It's not outdoors, but the Renaissance Harbourplace hotel has a restaurant with a great view and it's recently been redone. I've heard good things.