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Lunch suggestions near Inner Harbor Baltimore?

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My parents will be in town and would like to visit the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Any recommendations for nearby quality restaurants for lunch(mobility is limited--outdoors dining would be great!)? Thanks.

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  1. The Inner Harbor area is mostly mediocre chain central. But mediocrity is a subjective term, I guess.

    Here are some options -- not sure which ones other than Rusty Scupper have outdoor dining:

    McCormick & Schmicks
    M&S Grill
    PF Changs
    Rusty Scupper
    Capital Grille
    Legal Seafood

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      I think Capital Grille is the class act in that bunch, and they've this summer added a new shaded outdoor dining area.
      For the record, Legal Seafood, M&S Grill, and McCormick & Schmick also have outdoor dining. I'm not sure about PF Changs.

      1. re: gore

        PF Changs does have a small outdoor area to the left of the restaurant. Though I would go there for apps and dessert only.. entrees aren't very special at all. I second Capital Grille. If they're here next week, CG has a great $20 Restaurant Week lunch special.

    2. It's not outdoors, but the Renaissance Harbourplace hotel has a restaurant with a great view and it's recently been redone. I've heard good things.