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Jul 24, 2007 07:34 AM

What to do with Raspberry Jalapeño Jam?

Ok, so I couldn't resist a jar of raspberry jalapeño jam when I was at the grocery store last week. It sounded so sweet and dangerous! Now it is sitting on my counter begging to be used and I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any creative ideas for this stuff?

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  1. Use is as a glaze on chicken breasts, maybe even salmon.

    On top of cream cheese, or even better, with brie and crostini or crackers.

    Have you tasted it yet? Is it very spicy? If it's just a hint of spice, you could thin is out an use it as a glaze on really good quality chocolate brownies.

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      Love the brownies idea. If you're unsure, just make brownies anyway, and try one with jam on it... I like to spread raspberry or blackberry jam on my brownies. If you don't like it, you are still ahead one pan of brownies! Win-win.

    2. Put it on top of cream cheese and serve with regular Wheat Thins. There is something about the Wheat Thins that really works well with this dip (it's a huge thing here with raspberry chipotle as well).

      I love it on pork tenderloin. Cook the pork almost all the way and then glaze, otherwise it burns due to the sugar.

      Go to which is the Fischer & Weiser web site and look at their recipes (link is sort of hidden at the top of the page) for their Raspberry Chipotle sauce. Your jam will be a good substitute.

      1. I make a rasberry sauce to serve over grilled chicken breasts (1/3 cup rasberry jam/preserves and 2 TBS balsamic). The jalapenos might give this a nice kick. And, you could even experiment with a white balsamic or other vinegar.

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          ooh, that sounds nice.

          I was just thinking that you could do brie en croute with the raspberry jam. I've done it with apricot jam and walnuts.

          Just plop the round of brie on puff pastry, slather on the jam, add a layer of nuts. I think almonds would be good with the rasp/jal (or maybe hazelnuts) and bring the puff pastry to the top to wrap the brie completely. Cook according to puff pastry direction. Yum, I think I'll have to do that this weekend.

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            Mmm...that sounds really good. I think I'll give that a try for dinner tomorrow night.

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              I tried out the raspberry balsamic sauce on Wednesday night and it was fantastic! I grilled a poblano pepper and then stuffed it with a bit of sour cream, sauteed walla walla sweet onion, and a grilled chicken breast. I drizzled the raspberry sauce over the chicken and a bit of sour cream and it was a really tasty dinner. Thanks for the great sauce recipe and ideas!

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                Meg - the jam is sold by Papio Baskets and Gifts, PO Box 68046, Papillion, NE 68046, (402) 740-4657 (unfortunately they don't have a website). It has a nice kick to it and would be great over wings. The ingredient list is simple: sugar, red raspberries, jalepeno peppers, lemon juice and pectin (just in case you feel like trying to make it yourself).

              2. on toast with butter, or in a peanut butter or jam sandwich.

                1. When I worked for Sysco, they had rosemary-crusted brie triangles, which just kinda tasted like less-salty mozzarella sticks, but they used raspberry-pepper jam as a dipping sauce, so I vote that. :-)