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Jul 24, 2007 07:33 AM

Bar Dining at EMP

I am looking for a great solo tasting menu experience to be had at a bar and Eleven Madison Park came to mind. Does anyone know if they serve their tasting menu at the bar? If not, is there anywhere else that comes to mind for a fantastic tasting menu solo at the bar?

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  1. I've had good experiences with solo lunches at the bar at EMP (for restaurant week, just walked in without a reservation). And later on I used their $24 discount certificate to have their lunch tasting menu at the bar. The full menu was certainly available, and service from the bartender was excellent---very attentive. He even gave me a free pour of sweet Jurancon wine to go with my foie gras.

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      Please note that EMP is no longer giving discount certificate during restaurant week.

    2. I had heard that EMP no longer serves tasting menus (lunch or dinner) at the bar, and a quick call just now confirmed that. In fact, the woman I spoke to said the 3- and 4-course dinners are not offered either. There's a separate bar menu. Having dined only in the main dining room, I have no idea what's on it. I would presume it would be small plates, perhaps many, if not all, taken from the regular menu. If so, you might consider putting together your own tasting dinner. We've done that at the bar in another restaurant (in NJ), and it works very well. I suggest you call EMP and get details about exactly what they are serving at the bar.

      1. You could also go to Robuchon. Great solo dinning

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          thanks for the replies. that is dissapointing about EMP. I hadn't thought of Robuchon. I was also considering Cru? Any other thoughts? thanks again.

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            I think Blue Hill serves their tasting dinner at the bar. I can't offer an opinion on the current state of the cuisine because it's been several years since we've been there.


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              Cru has a bar menu, different than the standard prix-fixe or tasting, but big enough to construct your own pseudo-tasting menu. Its also nice to sit up front, with the street view. You can check it out at

          2. I love EMP, but for solo bar fine dining you can't beat Robuchon.

            If it is available, you have to get the egg.