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Jul 24, 2007 07:30 AM

Dinner on a Budget

Recently, a friend posed the question to me of where was the best place to go out to dinner in the dupont area for $15 or less. After providing the usual responses such as Zorba's, CPK, Bertucci's, Thaiphoon (without alcohol) and the usual happy hour specials at other local bars, I started to wonder what really was the best place. So I pose the question to you.

If you only had $15 to spend on dinner including tax and tip, where would you go?

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  1. I am assuming you mean in the Dupont area? If so Regent Thai.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      Regent Thai is another good option. I also recently discovered Thai Chef and really liked what I had there. But I think Regent Thai might be a little cheaper.

      Mai Thai is also a great option.

      All of these places in my opinion are better then Thaiphoon.

    2. Depending how much you ordered (and no alcohol) you could probably get by with $15 at Sakana on P St. (Sushi). You could probably get 2 sets of rolls and a piece or 2 of sashimi I imagine.

      And its daaaammmnnn good ...especially their Sakana Tempura Roll.

      That or the chicken salad sandwich at SoHo Coffee. Breakfast, lunch, dinner...that sandwich is amazing.

      1. Definitely Sette. You could do pretty well there for $15.

        1. What is this craziness?

          Zorba's is gross, Bertucci's???

          For Thai/Asian, the relatively new Banana Leaves on Florida near the Hilton is excellent. Their mango sticky rice is the best in the city.

          There's a Five Guys now in Dupont.

          Pizzas at Sette are actually decent.

          1. dive: El Pollo Rico
            Pizzeria Paradiso will stretch you a little but it's solid. (in gtown)
            Pines of Rome (Italian in bethesda) is a great place with some pasta basics for $15
            fun date place: Mongoalian Grill (NOT BD's) in bethesda on Wisconsin Ave

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              if i am not mistaken, mongolian grill (NOT BD's) on Wisc Ave is now closed

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                There is also a Pizzeria Paradisio on P Street in Dupont Circle..which is the location that the poster was looking for.