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vegas for first time...must eat at (your top 5 please)

my husband and I are going to Vegas to see Celine in Dec. we're staying at the Bellagio for 3 nights. If you had only one visit to Vegas......what would your 5 restaurants for dinner be if you had to pick regardless of cuisine theme? what about lunch? we're interested in staying on the strip unless there's a destination that you consider a must if you could only go to Vegas once in your life. thanks!!

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  1. I really enjoyed B&B at the Venetian. The food was awesome. I also liked Circo at the Bellagio.

    1. In order, for dinner:
      1. Joel Robuchon (formerly Joel Robuchon at The Mansion)
      2. Guy Savoy
      3. Alex
      4. Picasso
      5. Okada

      Lunch is tougher; fewer and fewer top places are offering lunch:
      1. Rosemary's (but is way off Strip)
      2. Bouchon (only open for lunch on weekends)
      3. Tableau
      4. Lotus of Siam (about 1 mile off strip)
      5. Delmonico

      I have very verbose descriptions for these places on my personal web site at http://home.comcast.net/~lasvegasvaca... (click on "Restaurants").

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        well after reviewing your web site Larry...........who needs Zagats or Frommers?? you've provided an amazing resource for people like me...thanks so much and I'll be sure to keep checking in..........if you haven't already been to Philly.........it's worth a trip.........the food is ever improving.......Reading Terminal especially fun to visit with kids.........so much more than I could write in this small space........thanks,PhillyGirl

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          PhillyGirl, thanks for the kind words. My nephew used to live in Philadelphia, and speaks highly of the restaurants there. I haven't managed a visit lately, but it sounds like I should!

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          Just a note: Lotus of Siam is indeed wonderful, but order off the menu, not the lunch buffet. And, note that it's closed for lunch on weekends...dinner only.

          (Try the whole, deep fried catfish...)


          Lotus of Siam
          953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

        3. When my friends and I went last fall, some of the memorable places were:

          - Mesa Grill at Ceasar's for brunch, which was really tasty and not too expensive

          - Tao at the Venetian for dinner, which was really more about the atmosphere (and to get into the club after dinner), but everything we got was great.

          Thanks for posting this question, I'm going for Labor Day weekend and could always use CH suggestions for Vegas restaurants!

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            would love to read your reviews after your visit over Labor Day.

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              It was a fantastic (but very very hot, not surprisingly, haha) weekend in Vegas!

              - First off, we got in after midnight and grabbed a few bites at Tao- like I said before, this place is definitely more about the atmosphere than the food. Just got a few rolls and some dumplings, nothing really to rave about.

              - Saturday Brunch at Thomas Keller's Bouchon (Venetian)- I had heard really good things about this place, particularly for breakfast foods, but I have to say we were pretty disappointed. We got the Croque Madame and the Tuna Tartine, which was more or less a huge mound of tuna salad on toasted flatbread. Both came with a gigantic pile of french fries, which were ok but seemed excessive/out of place during brunch to me. Maybe people have had better luck with some of the other menu items?

              - We also ate at the Grand Luxe Cafe in the Venetian, which is a 24-hour casual restaurant owned and operated by the Cheesecake Factory. That being said, it's good for a quick bite of familiar family friendly foods, especially at times when other places may no longer be serving food.

              - The final, and the biggest highlight for me, was B & B at the Venetian. It was a last minute decision to go there because we realized we had the time to go somewhere nice for dinner before our flight back. I posted pictures on a separate post on the Southwest Board: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/438275

              Enjoy your stay in Vegas- I wish I could go back soon!!

          2. Besides the above excellent restaurants, you MUST try a high-end buffet while in town. Since you are staying at the Bellagio, you can try theirs with the wide range of exotic and gourmet items. I prefer the Wynn myself, but the Bellagio also receives high marks on this Board. Nothing screams Vegas like tons of prime rib and shrimp - or buffalo and smoked ahi at the Bellagio!

            1. Bouchon at the Venetian. Simple, delicious food.

              1. for dinner: Bouchon, Fiamma, Olives (sit outside!!), Mon Ami Gabi, Bellagio buffet
                for lunch: 'Wichcraft, Spago, Burger Bar, Hash House a Go Go (off strip), Lindo Michoacan (off strip)

                1. i'm going to vegas in a few weeks and we've decided on rao's (because we'd never have the opportunity to go in nyc) and mix @ thehotel (best view of vegas).

                  past places we've enjoyed:
                  belaggio buffet is a good choice.
                  jean-phillipe @ belaggio
                  sw steakhouse

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                    mix.....actually, i have not been for dinner in over a year so maybe an update is in order but personally, i would start there for drinks and definitely enjoy the view/sunset, then take the elevator downstairs and enjoy fleur de lys or stripsteak .

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                      would love to read your report once you get back from your lastest trip to Vegas. i didn't ask this in my general question section but how far in advance do you make your reservations? are they tough to get a few weeks ahead or do you make months in advance?? thanks again,

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                        Generally, make your reservations as far ahead as possible - if you are using O.T., there are often limits on how far ahead you can book, other restaurants may not allow you to book earlier than "x" amount of time ahead. These restaurants are BUSY, and weekends are even busier. I made my reservations last week for mid-week in mid-August, not exactly the most sought-after time in Vegas.

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                        JEAN-PHILIPPE at bellagio for their gelato =) you can order 2 flavors in one cup for the price of one cup.. unfortunately, i didn't get to go there this past visit.. but i'm always in vegas, and i always make sure to hit up jean philippe at bellagio.. they have crepes and other pastires there too.. but i can't seem to get anything else there but gelato... so so sad i didn't make it out there this past time....

                        if you are going in december, then it's not AS crowded as it is now...

                        if you have never been to vegas before, then i would suggest going to a buffet... i odn't go to the buffets anymore, but the ones that i enjoy are bellagio, wynn, and the rio.... that's off the strip...

                      3. Number One Choice by far............Rosemary's on Sahara. Outstanding food and service. I have never had a so so or bad experience. The food is remarkable.
                        2. Nobu for sushi.
                        3. Charlie Palmers because of the side dishes.

                        1. If I were going to Vegas and had to pick five places for dinner, I'd pick:

                          1. Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Many people whose opinions I trust at the egullet.com forums rave about it. Unless I won the lottery, I wouldn't be going to Joel Robuchon(his fancier place) or Guy Savoy or Alex, but if money is no object, they should be on your list.

                          2. Bradley Ogden. Ever since I had soup and dessert at the bar there, I've been wanting to try dinner. The soup was heavenly, one of the tastiest things I have ever had, and the dessert was like a work of art and was good as well. Service was very friendly, nice and relaxed.

                          3. Stripsteak. I'm a fan of Michael Mina's restaurants, my group hits a steak place every trip, this place is definitely where we're going next time. I've heard it's very good.

                          4. David Burke. Looks like a fun place, his Chicago place is great, I'd give it a try.

                          5. Michael Mina at Bellagio. Can't go wrong with this place, serene enviroment, spectacular food.

                          1. 4 of us had lunch at Rosemary's a few weeks ago. We did the prix fixe - and every single dish of every course was loved. Service was wonderful. Just allow time to get there - it's about a 25 min drive from the strip (due to traffic signals, not distance).

                            1. I second the positive comments on Michal Mina . . .