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Jul 24, 2007 07:13 AM

Cambodian Restaurants in the GTA?

Went out to Kingston last week and tried Cambodian food for the first time.
There seemed to be a Cambodian Restaurants everywhere over there.
Does anyone know any in Toronto/Markham/Richmond Hill besides
The Royal Angkor? Thanks

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  1. Khmer Thai is on St Clair between Dufferin and Oakwood. I haven't been so I cannot comment on whether it's worthwhile.

    Khmer Thai
    1018 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E1A4, CA

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    1. re: mikeb

      Khmer Thai was originally located in Kingston and is tied to one of the spots there.

      1. re: mikeb

        Very disappointing. Very uncomfortable seating (used to be a fast food joint). Large serving of rice to make it look as if you have more food. And the food itself is nothing special. But cheap!!!!!!!

      2. I know there is a little place on Gerrard just east of Broadview on the north side. We went there once and the family who owns/runs it was incredibly sweet and the food was more than half decent.

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        1. re: leslievillian

          That's the Angkor, and I found what I had extremely oily..just a small warning...

          1. re: Wiley

            I've said it before, but I lived in Cambodia for 6 yrs and even the best food is so-so when compared to the neighbours. (Vietnam, Thailand) The best stuff tends to be indigenous - wild boar, frog, deer, freshwater langoustines, smoked river fish etc. The everyday dishes are pretty bland.
            I think a lot of these overseas Khmer joints sell repackaged Viet/Thai food.

            1. re: Wiley

              Probably the best choice in Toronto - but very little competition. Slow service, but competent (but not outstanding) food. I agree with the above sentiments - would have described it as "charming" and not written much about the food.

          2. I was just going to post the question OP asked four years ago...

            There are Cambodian/Thai restaurants all over Kingston, but not Toronto. Angkor on Gerrard is now a pho place I believe.

            Any updates?

            IMO based on what I had in Kingston (and a previous visit to Siem Reap) the food is just as flavourful and aromatic as Thai, but less spicy.

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            1. re: neighborguy

              I love Cambodian food and I even drop by Kingston specifically to eat at their Cambodian restaurants because I don't know of any of any other Cambodian restaurant in Central-Eastern Canada (other than Khmer Thai in Toronto). I haven't been to Khmer Thai and I am not even sure if it's still in business. I did hear of the Cambodian place on Gerrard street being closed but can't confirm.

              I am not aware of any other Cambodian restaurants in Toronto, GTA, or even in Ontario other than the ones in Kingston. I was at Phnom Penh in Kingston two weeks ago and the stuff was just as cheap and great (with huge portions) as it was during my school years in Kingston.

              I would argue that Cambodian food is MORE spicy, not less, than Thai. I haven't been to Cambodia but my fellow Cambodian-food fan who has been says that the food in Kingston was similar to what she had during her travels there. I would say the flavours of Cambodian food are similar but different from that of Thai food, even with some Chinese influence (such as black bean sauce). But the cuisine can use a lot of coconut milk, like that of its Thai neighbours, though with more of a kick.

              1. re: looosia

                "I would argue that Cambodian food is MORE spicy, not less, than Thai."

                My experience after living in Cambodia for many years, and now living in Bangkok, is the exact opposite. Very few Khmer dishes arrive at the table spicy. The spice factor is usually added by each diner as a condiment.

                My own view is that Cambodian food sucks compared to Thai. YMMV of course.

                1. re: looosia

                  DH says the woman who owns/cooks at Khmer Thai owned two popular Cambodian restaurants in Kingston before moving here several years ago.

                  Khmer Thai
                  1018 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E1A4, CA

              2. I just saw 7 stars cambodian cuisine on jane street... will give it a try tonight

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                  1. re: Doopsylalolic

                    The place is pretty poor and Im not sure Id go here over a really good thai place but the food was pretty good.

                    It has a good selection of Cambodian dishes (best in Toronto) and it's very authentic and inexpensive. The place has a lot of potential

                1. I'm in search for a good Cambodian Restaurant in the GTA as well, as a Vancouverite the spot there was Phnom Phenh in Chinatown, that's one of the restaurants I miss the most. If there is an equivalent in the GTA i'd be super stoked.

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                  1. re: Sam C

                    7 Stars Cambodian Cuisine is probably your best bet. They are the only "authentic Cambodian restaurant" in Toronto as all the others are just Thai restaurants with a couple sort-of-Cambodian items (golden chicken, springrolls, etc.)

                    Good luck!