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Jul 24, 2007 07:05 AM

Jacksonville, NC Catering

Would love your recommendations for a catering group in Jacksonville, NC. We're looking to host an event for about 100 people. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Good luck. Jacksonville is somewhat of a culinary dead zone. But try Duck's restaurant for upscale and mid-level events. Good chef, but not sure if they cater off-prem. I've been to some on-prem events: great beef, chicken and seafood pasta dishes and good apps, decent space. For casual, try Thig's Barbecue on Caterine Lake Road. Topnotch BBQ and I'm guessing they do a lot more beyond BBQ. The owner's wife was talking about upscale off-prem catering at one time. A longtime business is Panache, and another popular choice is Courthouse Cafe. Also Jacksonville Country Club. Get some references on all three of these, especially if you know someone who works downtown or for local government. All three do upmarket, but don't expect a sophisticated urban touch. For country cooking, Hilda's. You might also try Mulligan's, at Rock Creek Country Club. It and Duck's get the local nod.