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Jul 24, 2007 07:02 AM

Birthday dinner in Lewes/Rehoboth....

Any good suggestions?

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  1. I love cafe azafran (I think it's - or do a webs earch) in Lewes; also, I made a post further down on the page about Kindle, the new restaurant at Paynter's Mill, it was excellent. (

    I think all the rehoboth ones (blue moon, espuma, cloud 9, etc.) are well reviewed on here by people more qualified than me. I have so many old favorites in town, and so rarely get home, I don't go to the biggie popular ones (Dos Locos, Iguana Grill, Adriatico and I love Planet X and I rarely see it mentioned here). Chez la Mere was recently purchased by the Espuma people and is very good as well now.

    1. Second on Azafran. I would also suggest Nage. Frankly, I find all the others a step below these two. I like Cafe Sole but still a notch below the other two. I have heard good things about Espuma and enjoyed the Back Porch a number of years ago.