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Jul 24, 2007 06:36 AM

Cooking a chilled soup with wine 2 days ahead -- bad idea?

I'm thinking of making this chilled watermellon soup: for a picnic on Thursday. The problem is that I won't have time to make the soup that night or the night before (it is Tuesday at time of posting). The soup contains 3/4 of a cup of Riesling (or 1 cup water w/sugar). The Riesling sounds like it would really make the soup, do you think the wine will sour in the soup if I make it 2 days ahead? Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. My experience with watermelon is that it doesn't hold well once it's been dismantled. I don't think the soup would "spoil" exactly, but I think it would lose its fresh flavour and become unpleasantly soggy. Is there any way you can partly assemble the soup minus the watermelon and then throw the watermelon in just before serving? If you can't do that, I would choose a different soup.

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      Hmmmm... the recipe calls for adding a cup of diced watermellon at the end. I could freeze the watermellon, then add it before moving the soup to the picnic basket and the watermellon "cubes" could help keep the soup cold. Though I've never frozen watermellon before either, but the super-high water content might make that a possibility.

      I was more worried about the wine going bad since it will be de-corked for 2 days and it isn't being cooked at all.

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        Don't freeze the watermelon (unless the recipe calls for frozen, which I doubt). Just quarter the melon and keep it refrigerated. Prepare the soup minus the watermelon cubes and just dice the melon and add right before serving. Really, it won't take you any time at all to cut up a cup's worth of watermelon. If it's a transport issue, I would still keep the watermelon cold and more or less intact and cut up on site. If this is impractical, just find another recipe. Watermelon is so delicate - it can go from wonderful to horrible in mere moments.

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          I agree -- don't freeze it. It'll be very mealy when thawed.

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        I agree. Watermelon does not last long once it's been cut, and the taste becomes almost a little rotten if not eaten soon after it's cut. Maybe try this soup another time.

      3. If it's a reisling issue (although I agree about the watermelon - but you were asking about the wine) then I wouldn't worry. There's such high residual sugar in reisling that it won't go bad in a couple of days.

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        1. re: wino22

          Thanks for the response! Since the soup is strained I don't think I'm worried about it being mealy or the watermellon getting gross. It does call for adding cubed watermellon to finish the dish, so I could leave a large portion of uncut watermellon in the fridge, wrapped in plastic, then cut it up before throwing it in the cooler.

          Thanks for the advice everyone!

        2. Can you not add the Riesling at the last minute (as well as the watermelon)?

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            Unfortunately I don't think I could get away with that because I need to blend the watermellon and the only liquid added before blending is the riesling. I'm thinking an air-tight container should do the trick though.

            I've seen watermellon soup popping up on menus EVERYWHERE this summer and it's made me want to try my hand at it.