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Jul 23, 2007 11:41 PM

Ultimate Tapas - Barcelona, Madrid and Granada, Tips Wanted

This is my first post.

Any suggestions on fantastic Tapas places in any of the above three cities would be really appreciated. Looking for superlative Tapas, memorable, fantastic quality etc.

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  1. For tapas in BCN :

    Quimet & Quimet (Not to be missed IMO) , Paco Meralgo, Cal Pep, El Xampaniet, ...

    In madrid, I did eat Tapas, but nothing you would call "superlative", in my latest trip, I tried as many places I could do, and mostly ended in more lower-end and traditional/neighbourhood bars.

    Me think you just have to have faith and walk and enter in one place, look to see if there are lot of people there, people speaking spanish ( or Catalan in BCN) and start ordering and if you like it you stay, if you don't, pay, walk out and go to the next one.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thank you Maximilien. Good suggestions for BCN. I have been to Cal Pep before and enjoyed. Juan's suggestions for Madrid sound great.

    2. I, and other people, had some recs for Barcelona on this string:

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      1. re: shiromaguro

        Thank you Shiromaguro, enjoyed reading the link, very inspirational!

      2. I will help you with madrid, which is where I live: If you are looking for tapas, I would recomend "El bocaito" which is in Calle Libertad, in the Chueca district.(google the place). Ask for the "revuelto de chanquetes" (scrambeled eggs with baby fish and chives) and "tosta de gambas"(shrimp on toast, with a garlic/mayonaise sause): amazing!!! this place is cheerful/very spanish and not expensive. If you are looking for superlative quality then go for rice and/or seefood. For rice you have two choices: One is "San James" on calle Juan Bravo, the best rice in this place is called "arroz a banda"(much better than paella), or another restaurant called Samm (in this case ask for "arroz del señorat"). For seafood there is an amazing place called "La trainera". Ask for "centollo"(spider crab) or Camarones(amazing small langoustines) or oysters. The fish here is also superb, and I would recomend Sole. (lenguado a la plancha). The place is expensive: For a course including seafood, fish and wine(which should be white from Galicia!) will be around 35 - 65 Euros per person. But but the place is unforgetable. It is easy going and does not require any etiquette. Other great restaurants in madrid are: "El Paraguas" (fish/seafood from Asturias), "La broche" (with a michelin star, modern mediterraen), "El alkalde"....tell me if you want further places....

        If you have the opportunity I would try to go to Segovia, a beautiful small town about an hour from madrid, where they serve an amazing speciality which is called "cochinillo". (suckling roasted pig). The clasic resturante were to try it is called "Candido" (must reserve in advance).

        Well, good luck and enjoy your trip!!!

        Best, Juan

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        1. re: Gallego

          Thank you Juan for excellent and detailed suggestions. Much appreciated and I am feeling hungry just reading your post. I will not have time to venture out of Madrid on this trip, as it is a very short one, first time, but I hope to return again for longer in future.

        2. BCN:

          El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta is outstanding. It gets VERY crowded so try to get there early (before 8pm if possible). They make their own beer, a light and a dark that are both very good. The people and the owners are great, not to mention the tapas!

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          1. Where ever you go you gotta try Pimientos em! I wish i could suggest palces to you cause I used to live in BCN but I don't remember the names...just have the locations picutred in my head:(

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            1. re: lorilaw

              Those are Pimientos de Padrón (Padrón is a town in Galicia). You can get them at almost any traditional kind of bar in Madrid, if not as a tapa as a ración.