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Jul 23, 2007 10:16 PM

Indian Buffets in Vancouver

I am looking for a great (East Indian) lunch buffet in Vancouver. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. my wife went there for lunch last week and loved it. We're going there for dinner this week.

    1. Might want to try wandering around the Punjabi Market area: Main and 49th? Lots of restaurants and shops from which to choose. Several have bakeries and snack food to go. Perhaps another 'hound can narrow it down a bit!

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        I am specifically looking for lunch buffets in Vancouver. (Thank you, dcrocket, but I won't have a car)
        How is the New India Buffet & Restaurant?

        1. re: rachelfromatlanta

          We've been to New India for dinner many times, but never for lunch. I don't know if the selection is as wide at lunchtime. The food is fairly good - not fantastic, but we enjoy going there. They have the usual - rice, naan, chapati, aloo gobi, tandoori chicken, etc. The butter chicken is OK, but tastes like it was made with Campbell's tomato soup. They have other things on the buffet - jell-o, spring rolls, salad. My son really likes the mutter paneer. I hear that All India Sweets has opened up a second restaurant on Davie Street (the other one is at 49th and Main), and apparently the buffet there is pretty good - haven't tried the Davie location yet, though.