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Jul 23, 2007 09:52 PM

Bready Onion Rings

My SO said he once had onion rings that were fried but the outside was soft and breadlike (like a donut) rather than crusty and crunchy like typical onion rings.

Has anyone heard of onion rings like this? Does anyone have an idea of where to get them from?


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  1. Sounds like a bhaji, rather than a true onion ring.

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    1. re: purple goddess

      Hmm... where can I find a bhaji in LA or in Orange County?


      1. re: AlwayzHungry

        Bhaji can be had at most indian restaraunts. I roccomend Gungadin or clay oven in the Valley...but you can get them pretty much anywhere.

    2. Alcove Cafe in Los Feliz has what I think your SO is looking for. IIRC, they are huge rings with almost a cakelike thick moist coating. Very rich and filling...couldn't eat more than two or three.

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      1. re: love2eat

        I was just going to say Alcove! My husband & I order their steak salad wh comes with a few onion rings -- to be honest, they're not my fav. Kinda lay in your stomach like you just ate a stack of pancakes. That said -- check out the Alcove (esp after my ringing endorsement!).