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Jul 23, 2007 09:48 PM

Any Philipino restraunts in DFW?

My ex-girlfriends mother used to make adobo, lumpias, and pancit for me all the time but after she went back to he Philippines I can't get my fix without making it myself and it's not the same. Anyone know of any place in DFW?

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  1. Great, now I'm craving some home cooking.

    D'Kusina is my personal recommendation:

    If you don't want to go to Richardson, check out this list from Guidelive, though not quite up to date because Palayok has closed.

    I've heard Filipiniana in Bedford is good, and I know of another place called New Manila in Mesquite that sells lumpia.

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    1. re: air

      Air, I'd like to try D'Kusina. Which dishes do you recommend?

      I'm interested in pancit bihon and crispy pata.

      1. re: kuidaore

        Lets see, when I went with my family, we shared a bunch of dishes. I tried their gulaman drink, pancit bihon, siopao, lumpia, pork bbq on a stick, and halo halo. One little bit of semantics I need to mention: when I say lumpia, I mean that I ate what the Guidelive review called "Filipino egg roll", and we call that lumpia shanghai. The vegetable one would be lumpia sariwa, and there's more info about lumpia on Wikipedia.

        Anyway, all the dishes were good! You should go ahead and try their pancit bihon and crispy pata. I'd say go with those entrees, drink some gulaman (the Filipino's variation on bubble tea), then finish with halo halo for dessert. Halo-halo literally means mix-mix, with a recipe that can vary due to the multitude of combinations you can use to make it. It's shaved ice mixed with sweet things that usually include sweet fruit, ube (aka taro), milk, flan, and ice cream. And for the siopao, it's basically the same as the pork bun you can get in dim sum. I had mine to-go and threw into the freezer to save later for a snack.

        There's one last thing I need to say, and I know this is gonna sound odd. Bavarian Grill has a ham hock dish that I consider an excellent crispy pata substitute. It tastes amazing, so I'd highly recommend that if you ever eat there.

        Hope this helps, enjoy the food.

        1. re: air

          Thanks, air. I didn't know Palayok had closed. My family and I will try D'Kusina soon.

          My family went to Filipiniana and it is just average. Don't go out of your way for it.

          1. re: air

            Thanks! Sounds great.

            We like Bavarian Grill, too. My favorite is Rinder Rouladen mit Bratkartoffeln und Rahm Spinat, but there are so many other dishes I want to explore there so I was going to suggest a get-together there, too.

            1. re: kuidaore

              Oh yeah also saw this, check it out for a little more in depth info on Filipino food in general:

              1. re: air

                We went there today--unfortunately, they are closed Mon and Tue...

        2. re: air

          There is a place in garland/dallas area that is hidden and sells filipino food as well.

          Nam Vi is a vietnamese restaurant that also makes filipino food. The cook speaks tagalog and I think he used to live in the Philippines for a while. The actual restaurant is located within the Hong Kong Market.

          It's off Abrams/Walnut

            1. re: jjo5656

              That place is pretty awful. Avoid it. The palabok was super runny and lumpia was borderline inedible.

            2. re: air

              and now . . . new-manila has closed . . . down to houston we must drive . . .

            3. I just moved into the area too. I'm actually looking for filipino foods/resturant/ingredients in the garland area. When I say new... I mean 1 month new... so, I've only been to a limited area. I understand that Mesquite is very close.

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              1. re: chellie77

                D'Kushina is on Richardson-Garland border (Beltline+Jupiter).

                1. re: kuidaore

                  D'Kusina, Palayok & New Manila are Filipino restaurants in the DFW area that serve bad tasting Filipino food. People who cannot cook dig them. Besides, these places are not even suited for business meetings, parties or dates.

                2. re: chellie77

                  chellie77, you should also search for Asian grocery stores in general. Most of them will have what you're looking for.

                  1. re: chellie77

                    new member here . . . the filipino editorials had interest to me . . . i wish to share also.

                    as for chellie's request . . . try for locations specializing in filipino products / distribution.

                    as for d-kusina . . . they have a webpage which includes address / times / menu :

                    as for filipiniana in bedford . . . i also was very disappointed in the lack of authentic taste . . . agreed tarilyn.

                    as for palayok closing . . . that was very sad . . . the only location in dfw that had halfway authentic filipino selections. even so, i remember trying to order tapa at palayok . . . they served a pork-chop . . . hahaha. anyway, i am sharing this e-mail in regard to palayok's closing :
                    >"P.J. Fischer" <> wrote:
                    >what happened to palayok restaurant here in dallas ?
                    >>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 06:52:11 -0700 (PDT)
                    >>From: "ray colorado" <>
                    >>Subject: Re: palayok restaurant . . .
                    >>To: "P.J.F." <>
                    >>The owner had to give up the restaurant for health reasons. They wanted to sell it but it seems there were no takers although I heard somebody bought their equipments and will put up another restaurant in a different location. If you are looking for another Filipino restaurant, try New Manila Bakery and Mart near East Field College, La Prada St., almost 1/4 mile from I-30.

                    this is just my opinion . . . but it might be worth your time to drive down to houston. just a four-hour drive . . . and one can find many filipino restaurants with really authentic filipino foods. additionally, most offer all-day buffets.

                    1. re: pnamajck

                      I think D'Kushina is closed Mon (Tue, too?) It was when we went there a few months ago.

                  2. Zen Bakery in Deep Ellum has a Filipino owner and serves pancit and other ethnic dishes.

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                    1. re: foiegras

                      foiegras . . . you are a godsend . . . look forward to checking zen out next week . . . seems closer to my old haunt "angry-dog" cafe . . . thanks for the heads up.

                      1. re: pnamajck

                        You're welcome ... and yes, it is close to Angry Dog. Zen's short ribs (not Filipino obviously!) are great, btw.

                        1. re: foiegras

                          foiegras . . . had no idea about ribs being offered . . . wonder if they are marinated in 7up soda . . . makes for juicy (not dry) serving.

                      2. re: foiegras

                        Yeah, I think they were supposed to start doing house-cured longanisa. I should head down there and have breakfast again sometime...


                        1. re: air

                          longsilog definitely sounds tempting.

                          1. re: Webra1

                            ummm . . . thanks but no thanks . . . is a scam.

                            1. re: pnamajck

                              How so? Seems like any other Groupon-type offer.

                              1. re: Webra1

                                Yah I was wondering the same thing. I use groupons all the time.

                          2. re: foiegras

                            Finally! A decent Filipino restaurant you can be proud of. Kudos to Zen Baking Company! Now I have place to bring my Filipino & non-Filipino friends :D