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Jul 23, 2007 09:41 PM

Traditional scones in Dallas?

Any suggestions? I'm not looking for double-choco-mocha giganto ones either; just flakey and scrumptious scones to accompany my tea. Preferrably from a place where I can pick it up without having to sit through high tea. Thanks!

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  1. Dream Cafe used to have good scones, not sure if they still do. Empire has a great scone - a traditional currant one and a cranberry one. I'm partial to the cranberry.

    1. Central Market locations in Dallas, Plano, and Fort Worth make various flavours daily -- including a couple of savoury ones. If you're curious about the taste and texture, just ask one of the bakery guys to let you taste one.

      BTW, they also make cute little mini scones as well.

      - Jeremy

      1. Try the Black Forest Bakery ( "Black Forest Bakery & Henk's European Deli" is the full name). It's on Blackwell street - behind that HUGE Half-Price book store

        Obviously, their desserts tend to have a European flair. I've never looked for scones there, but they may have them. You may want to call them before you actually go there.

        I like their desserts because they are not sickly sweet and "giganto". However, I've only been there two times so perhaps I am not qualified to make that statement.

        Good Luck!

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          great idea jayro! thanks! i definitely see a half-price books+dessert break in my near future. why is the work week soooo long?