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Jul 23, 2007 08:59 PM

Echigo-dinner Omakase

Whenever most people think of Echigo they think of the silly $12- lunch special during the week which we feel generally sucks.
When we now go for lunch we generally sit at the Sushi Bar order Omakase and pay $30- ea for far superior Sushi experience than is being served on the Special.

Dinner is a completely different story. There is no Special so you have to order Omakase and tonight we decided to drive by our normal haunts like Zo , Hiko, Kirko and give Echigo a whirl because it's been awhile. Anyway the Sushi Bar Omakase was very good, still the best Ankimo in LA , very nice Toro (according to Kar better than Zo last week) and all around pretty good including the base price of $39.95 ea plus a couple of extras so figure $50- pp , a bargain everything considered. Dinner Omakase at the Bar is the reason to go to Echigo in our opinion.

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  1. If you sit at a table for dinner, you don't have to order Omakase, you can dine a la carte. The dinner at Echigo (Omakkase, or a la carte) is now substantially better than what you get for the lunch special. I don't think it was always the case though. The size and quality of the lunch special has gone down over the last couple years.

    1. approximately how many pieces are included in the $40 dinner omakase?