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Jul 23, 2007 08:51 PM

Continental burnt down

There was a major fire on St-Denis near Rachel, today. Among the casualties are Continental, L'Barouf, Le Gymnase and the new cafe on the corner. The fire started in the Fruits et Passion just down the block.

Four firefighters had to be sent to hospital.

Sorry for posting a french article, but it's only one I could find.

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    1. Terrible news. L'Barouf is a very popular place as well, and a rallying point for France footie fans. Thanks for the two articles from La Presse and the Gazette.

      1. Hope this doesn't sound out of place and if it does, the message will be removed, but why would we have to apologize for posting an article in French? Many of the contributors to this board have French as their first language. ;-)

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          C'est bien vrai, mais ce site est en anglais et basé aux États-Unis, et ce ne sont pas seulement des montréalais qui le lisent. When in Rome...

        2. In a radio interview this morning, the chief firefighter at the scene said the building that housed Continental has been torn down as a safety measure and the damage to L'Barouf was so extensive he was sure the owners would want to scrap it too.

          1. That is so sad. I looooove 'Barouf.

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              Barouf owner says he is going to rebuild.