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Jul 23, 2007 08:29 PM

Good pre-theater dinner in SF Valley

I am going to see Jersey Boys downtown with some family members. My husband and 8 month old are coming to dinner, but not to the show. We are looking for a nice dinner in Sherman Oaks/Encino/Studio City area for all of us (including the baby). Any suggestions?

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  1. That's a difficult question because of the timing. Assuming Jersey Boys begins at 8 pm (which it did when I went), you will need to be done with dinner by 6:30 pm (6:45 pm at the latest) to ensure that you actually get to the Ahmanson on time. So you probably need to go someplace that is open at 5 pm. On top of that, you need to have a place that works for a baby.

    Perhaps La Frite in Sherman Oaks would work. It is good French bistro food, not too fancy, but would work with a child.

    Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks opens for dinner at 5 pm, so you could probably go there. I've never seen babies in there, but plenty of younger children.

    Stanleys in Sherman Oaks is another option.

    None of those will wow you with their food, but they are all good, solid options that would fit a slightly awkward timeframe.

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      Another choice is Marmalade Cafe. They're good for families and their menu selections are broad. Nothing gourmet,but solid.

      1. re: compucook

        Just went to Marmalade Cafe for brunch on Sunday and it was awful. Service was not good, I actually had to get out of my seat to flag our waiter down so we could order. The food was very bland. I ordered a chicken, mushroom and brie omelette. The chicken looked boiled and grey and the pieces were huge. The mushrooms were also huge and so watery that it turned my omelette soggy, and the brie was 3 super thin pieces that were on top, not inside. We were not impressed at all.

          1. re: Diana

            The one on Ventura in Sherman Oaks, by Kester. We rarely go out to breakfast/brunch so I think I was most dissapointed because I wanted a nice bruch and it was just not good at all. Maybe there are other things that I should have ordered. Although service was ppor.

            1. re: CarlieInLA

              Odd, I've always had a good time there...but I've only been for brunch once, and got a veggie egg white omelette...

      2. re: Jwsel

        Stanley's is great for families.

        Delmonico's will be open then.

        Not as fancy, but Hugo's would work.

        Perhaps also Spazio or Cafe Cordiale.

        Il Tiramisu perhaps?