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The Forge: Miami Beach, a review

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Despite having lived in SoFla for almost 40 years, I had never been to the Forge. Certainly nothing on this board would have prompted me to go either; but recently we discovered that Chef Swersky has been behind the kitchen the past few years. We had always enjoyed his food when he worked at the Boulevard Grill in Boca and prior to that the Morada Cafe also in Boca. My son turned 21 this week and when we asked him where he wanted to go to dinner, out of the blue, he mentioned that he wished he could have the duck again that they used to serve both at Blvd. Grill and Morada. As luck would have it, the Palm Beach Post had an article about Chef Swersky and the Forge two weeks ago, so it appeared we could actually fill his wish.

After checking the Forge's website and menu, it appeared they had duck on the menu; but it wasn't quite the same prep as we had enjoyed so many times before. After a few phone calls, we were able to speak with the maite d' and request the old duck preparation for our son's birthday. Despite the fact that it was the chef's day off, he graciously agreed to come in and prepare this dish for our son.

As for the restaurant itself, the room was interestinly decorated, with lots of stained glass artwork and a very high wooden ceiling. The service throughout the meal was impeccable. The menus were quite large and I mean that literally. They were somewhat cumbersome and awkward. The content of same was interesting and varied. There were a number of fish dishes; as well as beef. The appetizer list was lengthy and had some items that were not so run of the mill. The wine list apparently is legendary in both breadth and price. No one in my party of five wanted wine; however, so I didn't peruse it too carefully. I did order a glass of pinot noir which was delicious;; although the waiter, at the time of taking the drink order, couldn't tell me who the vintner was for the pinot by the glass; although he did report back to me when he delivered the wine. Unfortunately, I can't recall what it was; but it was quite good. The chopped salad that I ordered was beautifully plated and unlike most served elsewhere. It was very good as were the escargot others at our table ordered. I had the sesame encrusted tuna which is a mainstay on most menus; but it was done quite well. The Tuscan sea bass was beautiful in presentation and reported to be delicious. Needless to say, my son enjoyed his duck immensely and said it was everything he remembered it to be. Bone in filet mignon was also a hit.

The chef sent out three desserts courtesy of the house. Their pastry chef did an excellent job. Surprisingly, the raspberry take on a Napoleon was the biggest hit at our table with the apple tart and chocolate cake close seconds.

Despite the fact that we live in Coral Springs, we'd happily travel down to Miami beach to go back to the Forge, and go often as the food was as good as the service and generosity of the chef. I highly recommend it. It made for a very memorable evening.

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  1. I've lived down here all my life too (47 years) and have never been to the Forge or Joe's Stone Crabs. I'd really like to go to both one day before I die! LOL

    It sounds wonderful. I'm glad you were able to finally go and that your son had a special birthday.

    I'm in the Coconut Creek/Boca Raton area myself. Where were Morada Cafe and Boulevard Grill located? Was this a long time ago? I feel so out of the loop all of a sudden.

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      Morada was in the Boca shopping center where Uncle Tai's is located (I think it may be called Boca Centre?). From there, he opened Blvd. Grill in the Royal Palm Plaza on Federal Highway in Boca. As for Joe's, you really should try it at least once. It's worthy of a visit. Both restaurants are a hike from Coconut Creek; but given the limited "fine" dining choices in the area, it's worth the trek for a treat.

    2. Hello! I love the Forge so much that my wedding was there two years ago ;)
      I do believe that they have great food and great service, plus the place is just beautiful.

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        Hey SarachOM, I'm looking at the Forge for our wedding as well. you think you could give me some more info about your wedding. was it a large or small wedding? did you guys dance? or was it just dinner and drinks? I'm very interested in knowing.

        Thanks Frank

      2. Thanks for a great and thorough review. I do find it a little extreme requesting the chef come in on his day off to prepare the dish! I hope you compensated him handsomely.

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          Oh no! We didn't request the chef to come in on his day off! We only learned that he had done that once we were dining there. The request for the duck had been conveyed in advance through the maitre d'. That's what made it so extraordinary.