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Jul 23, 2007 07:54 PM

One night in Seattle?

A group of eight of us are flying into Seattle for one night before driving to San Juan Island in the morning. Half of us are arriving early and going to a Mariner's game, and we'd like to grab some good food and beer beforehand. It seems a lot of people recommend Elysian, but I'd love to hear more suggestions. The real question is, where in town should we all convene after the game for our one night in Seattle? We'd like to find a good area of town where we can have some drinks/late night snacks, and spend the night. Nothing fancy, and hopefully a real taste of Seattle, since we're not able to stay longer this time around.

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  1. Elysian is good, but if you're going to be at Safeco just go to Pyramid across the street. Tasty pub food and plenty of beer.

    1. As long as you stay downtown/Belltown, you'll be near the stadium and near plenty of places where you can get late night eats/drinks. Palace Kitchen comes to mind for this; if top notch cocktails is the priority, go to Zig Zag (the food is good, too, but it's the cocktails that are fantastic). It's tucked away below the Pike Place Market. I'd say both this and Palace Kitchen would be good picks to get a slice of Seattle. You might try searching for older threads that discuss late night eats for more ideas.

      I haven't heard anything that great about Elysian, except that it's okay for what it is (bar food) and is near the stadium. If you check into a downtown/Belltown hotel, the world is your oyster in terms of dining-you'd have tons of choices before walking/bussing to the game. If you want to eat very close to the stadium, Elysian is probably your best bet.

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        As of this post, Christy is the BEST. Elysian is, indeed, OK for bar food, but not even the best - for that, it's hunt and peck. Pacific Inn for Fish and Chips, Two Bells for burgers (indeed!), People's Pub for Spaetzle... Zig Zag early and Place Kitchen late are a great evening.

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          People's Pub has the best fried pickles too.

      2. Another option downtown would be Taphouse Grill (6th between Pike/Pine) for 160 beers on tap, great kalbi steaks for $11, late night snackage (and TV's of course). If you're looking for a more posh place with water views, there's always Waterfront Grill where you can choose from either the bar menu or the pricier regular menu.

        1. For one of the best beer lists in Seattle and good bar food that is also close to the stadium, go to Collins pub on 2nd Avenue between James & Yesler. For later in the evening, I agree with the belltown recommendation. You will have a broad range of options within a few blocks. If after the game, everyone is still in the mood for beers and burgers, mrnelso's recommendation for Two Bells (4th Avenue betw. Bell & Blanchard) is a good one - very Seattle.

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            Taphouse grill has a ton or beer on tap but I found it lacking in the character department. For beer lovers I would make the trip to Fremont to go to Browers (about 55 taps, 200+ bottles). Good food too.

            Boat Street would be a great place for a memorable meal. In Belltown maybe Tavolata. For a late night try Cafe Presse in Capitol Hill. It is open till 2am.

            I will give some more thought to some good ideas.

          2. If you just want pub fare, if you get Terrace Club tickets, [$5 extra] there are numerous eateries, and if you arrive early, you can nab a bench seat along the wall with a great view of the first base line, chow down on a Major League dog with the fixings and have a Red Hook favorite. [You also have your regular stadium seats right in front of those windows, which are usually open in warm weather, plus ample tables to sit and sort of see the field or follow on monitors---who'd do that? There are the infamous Garlic Fries, sold halfway around the stadium---the aroma alone is lethal. And there is the IchiRoll, served at the sushi bar down on level 1 at the bow of the arch---can't swear it's there this year, but it has been. They open the gates about an hour early: if you're in the Terrace Club you can walk over from the parking garage via a skybridge, and be right there. Plenty of time to get down to the Hit it Here Cafe for a larger feed---I've never found the food great, but ok; I'll preferentially pick up my hotdog beside first base Terrace level.