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Jul 23, 2007 07:42 PM

Chima Ft Lauderdale

Has any been lately? Do they have private rooms? We are a large party celebrating an anniversary.

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  1. I was at their Las Olas restaurant like 2 months ago. The place is just gorgeous!!, the patio outside is much nicer than inside, but inside is very nice as well. The restaurant is very big, I'm not sure if they have a private room but you should call them and check because I would think they have.

    The food was very good. They have a good selection of different salads on the salad bar and the meat was very good. We asked for a cream spinach and mashed potato sides and they were also very good.

    I think is a nice place to go to celebrate with big parties, plenty of food and nice atmosphere!

    1. I went about 4 months ago and liked it but thought it was overrated.

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        I have to agree with tpigeon. The meats & salald (food) bar are ok, nothing special. I think it's more of a hyped place.
        Perfect for big party since there are many things to choose from...

        1. re: Rimtalay

          I also went a few months ago and thought it was pretty good. It is a geat place to go with a bunch of people. The salads were good, not great, the meat too was good, the chicken was overdone and dry, but the filet was great. It is on of the better all you can steak places around.

        2. re: tpigeon

          I also thought that it was expensive, but I think that all Rodizio places charge about the same....

        3. Their rooms are semi-partitioned. They may have a private room, but if so it's not visible from the main areas. It is quite a noisy place at night, so if you're looking for a more intimate vibe for your party, it's not the best option.

          I'm a vegetarian and can't comment on the quality of the meat, but I think the salad bar is pretty good. Some items are great (e.g., green & white asparagus, Belgian endive with blue cheese) and others merely good, like the tomatoes. As with all simple preparations, the quality of the ingredients is key. What I do like, though, is the variety. With so many things to choose from on their salad bar, there is something for everyone. And I also love their pao de quejo (cheese rolls) and the passionfruit mousse dessert. (yes, I leave room for dessert b/c it's so good)

          I do think this is a great place to take a group of people if you're looking for lively atmosphere, large quantity with decent quality. In general, I think Chowhounds seek top quality, but there is a time and place for everything.

          1. I plan lots of dinners (15-25) people in the area so I know Chima well.

            No private rooms. The put mulitple large tables close to each other with like 8-12 at each table.

            I love the restaurant due to its real "florida vibe." Loud, colorful, and great food.