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Jul 23, 2007 07:34 PM

Where do I post off-beat food topics?

I am interested in food politics - have been since the early 70's. Food for people, not for profit...that sort of thing. I continue to read various food authors including Michael Pollan, Frances Lappe, Barbara Kingsolver, Jessica Prentice, Anne Scott and, most recently, Michele Simon's Appetite For Profit (

RW Orange has posted her eating on a budget experiment and I thought of dozens of related topics. But they don't seem to fit any particular place.

I don't know whether folks want to talk about food politics and economics on Chowhound. Maybe you could direct me to those who do?

Thank you,

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  1. i've had a few more political discussions clipped short here on chowhound. tried posting around slow-food type forums but they are neither as lively nor as user-friendly as chowhound. i like the very wide range of people on this site although i have to say it's a bit unfriendly to those of us "in the biz" at times. someone on these boards once said to me that agriculture has nothing to do with food. it will be interesting to see if that viewpoint endures.

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      I've found nearly all posts with any kind of politically oriented slant tend to get deleted by the moderators. And I can see that such posts can make for unpleasantly contentious discussion that can potentially veer off topic.

      Problem is, there are times when it makes a definite difference as to whether I patronize a restaurant (especially a chain) or not based on such considerations. Such things as how a chain treats its employees or where they contribute profits furnished by my hard-earned dollars do strongly effect whether I will patronize them or not, and it's frustrating not to be able to mention such considerations in this forum. Other non-food aspects clearly can be discussed like cleanliness and service, so it's sometimes frustrating to see the line drawn here.

      But as they say, he who has the gold makes the rules, so I respect that as best I can.

    2. Chowhound has the narrow focus of helping hounds search out the best chow around, and to provide a forum for them to discuss it. We do make available the Food Media and News Board, though, for the discussion of current events in the food world, and for the media coverage of food-related items: .

      1. Since I'm mentioned, I just wanted to mention that politics had nothing to do with my $3 experiment ... and I have severly muzzled myself on my poliitcal opinions.

        I just thought that the assumption that on $3 it was impossible to eat healthy and interesting food was wrong. Tied to that was the wrong assumption that Ferry Plaza was the stomping ground of the clueless rich.