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Chicken Salad without Mayo

Looking for a recipe for chk salad without mayo. Any healthier suggestions are much appreciated! I've made tuna with OO but not sure if that would be a good sub for chicken salad.

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  1. Just out of curiosity- with regards to "healthier"- are you trying to cut calories? Trying to eat healthier fats? Just hoping to give suggestions that fit your needs best :)

    1. My mom makes a chicken salad with drained, plain yogurt instead of mayo. It is tasty with curry powder, halved or quarted red grapes, diced onions and fresh cilantro on toasted pumpernickle or rye bread.

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        That was exactly what I was going to recommend! Excellent stuff! :D


      2. If you're looking for healthier mayo solutions, try a little Total 0% yogurt instead!

        1. Try using chimichurri for a room temp. chicken salad. I've used it to make a rice salad with shrimp & feta, very good! If trying to avoid mayo due to the eggs, try Veganaise. Comes in several varieties, I like the grapeseed oil type best. As a mayo lover I am amazed how good this stuff is. Consistency a little different but not objectionably so.

          1. I've never liked mayonnaise and often make a "classic" French vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic -- but when mustard is added, it emulsifies into a nice, thick dressing that is great with added herbs and whatnot.

            1. I like to use plain yogurt with a dab of whatever mustard I have on hand, typically honey dijon, or spicy. I am not big on adding tons of add-ins because I marinate and grill my chicken breasts for chicken salad so they already have lots of flavor which is key when cutting out mayo.. A few things I have added in the past are celery, apples, walnuts, capers, scallions, sweet onions, halved grape tomatoes, etc.

              1. Most Asian chicken salads have no mayo...here's one you might like that I've brought to a few work luncheons and it has been very well-received... there are tons of variations out there on the 'net:


                1. I love this recipe for chicken salad - I generally dislike mayo, and never have any in my fridge, yet one day I had roasted a chicken and had a ton of leftovers. This was a pleasant way to use up the leftover chicken, which remained nice and moist and made for an excellent lunch the next day. I used the olive oil/balsamic vinegar as a dressing rather than a marinade, and instead of sliced almonds, I just coarsely chopped whole almonds, which provided a nice textural contrast.


                  1. Peach Yoghurt is really good in chicken salad.
                    Add some cumin, diced celery for crunch, celery salt (just to be different), Pepper.
                    I love this in Pita bread (mostly cause it's really easy on the go!)

                    1. I do a chicken salad with greek yogurt (and a smidge of mayo, though I guess it could be optional), diced granny smith apples, toasted walnuts or pecans, cinnamon, and a dash of lemon juice.

                      1. I make a Spanish chicken salad. Use cut up chicken, toasted sliced almonds, (celery--I hate it, but it adds crunch). For dressing, blend roasted red bell pepper, olive oil, sherry vinegar, a bit of mustard to emulsify. Add some parsley. It's good on picnics. I haven't tried for "healthy," but you could try various amounts of oil, maybe increase the amoung of roasted red pepper.

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                          Funny, today I took rotisserie chicken, combined with TJ's Peach salsa, black beans, corn, onion, and a dollop of fat free sour cream on top.... yummy twist on chicken salad served over shredded lettuce... if you like avocado, I'm sure it would be a great chopped addition!

                        2. Scroll down to the two reports on Nigella's Golden Jubilee Chicke Salad. Not a dollop of mayo in sight. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/416935

                          1. I just remembered another idea that has been on my to-do list... A Mexican Inspired Chicken Salad. It's mostly black beans, Corn and Cubed Chicken! Basically it's something like this


                            But with cubed chicken added as well...


                            1. I love lemon yogurt in chicken salad. Add nuts and grapes or apples.

                              1. A wonderful change of pace -- poach the chicken breasts and allow to cool. Cut into bite size pieces. Cut a fresh (ripe) mango into bite size pieces. Sprinkle with a sprinkling of (white) sugar, then fresh lemon juice and then liberally baste it with walnut oil. You can add toasted walnuts, too, if you'd like. This also works well with green grapes with or without the mango. (If you have a can of walnut oil already open in your fridge, be sure to taste it before using it. It spoils eventually, so you wouldn't want to use bad oil.) Very summery. Very different!

                                1. I've been making chicken salad for years without mayo. I brine/buttermilk & season my chicken overnight and then bake the chicken, skin/debone and chop it up and then I just use my favorite horseradish Dijon mustard, just a touch of EVOO, chop up: dill pickles, sweet red bell peppers, celery, Vidalia onions, roasted garlic, pinch of poultry seasoning, salt/pepper. You never miss the mayo. You can add any other stuff, this is just the basic. Sometimes I might add some pickle juice or lemon zest or cilantro....whatever floats your boat :) It's tangy, healthy and easy to make. Or (of course) you can buy an already roasted chicken at the grocery store...but I prefer mine because I know who handled it and cooked it plus I use free range organic chicken and all organic vegetables.