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Jul 23, 2007 07:19 PM

Chicken Salad without Mayo

Looking for a recipe for chk salad without mayo. Any healthier suggestions are much appreciated! I've made tuna with OO but not sure if that would be a good sub for chicken salad.

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  1. Just out of curiosity- with regards to "healthier"- are you trying to cut calories? Trying to eat healthier fats? Just hoping to give suggestions that fit your needs best :)

    1. My mom makes a chicken salad with drained, plain yogurt instead of mayo. It is tasty with curry powder, halved or quarted red grapes, diced onions and fresh cilantro on toasted pumpernickle or rye bread.

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        That was exactly what I was going to recommend! Excellent stuff! :D


      2. If you're looking for healthier mayo solutions, try a little Total 0% yogurt instead!

        1. Try using chimichurri for a room temp. chicken salad. I've used it to make a rice salad with shrimp & feta, very good! If trying to avoid mayo due to the eggs, try Veganaise. Comes in several varieties, I like the grapeseed oil type best. As a mayo lover I am amazed how good this stuff is. Consistency a little different but not objectionably so.

          1. I've never liked mayonnaise and often make a "classic" French vinaigrette of olive oil and balsamic -- but when mustard is added, it emulsifies into a nice, thick dressing that is great with added herbs and whatnot.