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Best Mojito in Toronto?

Hello Chowhounds.
Trying to stray away from the traditional pub-birthday party, i'm looking for the best place in T.O for a group to have fun and enjoy Cuba's best drink, the good old Mojito.
Can't wait to see your suggestions, and I promise I will go test them all!

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  1. Xaccutti on College does an excellent Mojito and has a long communal table that would suit a large group. Food is good, although a little pricey

    1. sad to say our experience at fcwb was very dissapointing. more so because we love fc on eglinton so much. we left after only trying 3 dishes (small plates) that were truly underwhelming. our table was also forgotten about and we had to chase after our waiter to get the bill...can't vouch for the cocktails though. also, the patio is very pretty.

      1. Maybe not a party place, but definitely add Julie's Cuban to your list to try when you want to have dinner.....

        1. "Fire on the East Side" on Gloucester St. has very good mojitos. On Wednesdays they have 2oz mojitos for $6. The food is pretty good too, cajun and southern inspired dishes.

          The restaurant is located just off Yonge, a little south of Bloor.


          Fire On The East Side
          6 Gloucester St, Toronto, ON M4Y1L5, CA

          1. The Laurentian Room makes very good mojitos and caipirinhas. Great room for a party but bad food at our last visit.

            1. Not a mojito expert, but we had them at Mambo Lounge on the Danforth on Sunday and they were fantastic.

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                Is there dancing at Mambo lounge as well as fantastic mojitos?

              2. I had a great Mojito at Souz Dal on College St last summer. They've got a wonderful little gem of a patio out back, too.
                One word of warning - they open late and don't serve food, so they're plan on eating your dinner elsewhere. Great place for post-dinner drinks, tho.

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                  I second Souz Dal, with the caveat that it depends on who is working. Back when this was my local (I moved 2 years ago) there were certain people from whom you could order a great mojito, but certain others who couldn't make one to save their lives.

                  The place is also totally cute and non-pretentious. Do let us know if their back patio has gone non-smoking yet. . . that would make it perfect!

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                    I had no idea they have a back patio! I recall the place itself being quite small, would their patio be able to accomodate a small group? If so, that sounds like a winner for this week.
                    Keep the mojito recommendations coming though, I DO plan on visiting all these places!

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                      So long as the group is small enough. . . I've seen it sit groups of 6 or so. You may have to wait for a seat. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who made the good mojitos. . . but unfortunately my mind is drawing a blank, although who knows if he's even there anymore.

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                      people were smoking this past weekend... my wife's mojito was only passable.

                      She prefers the mojito at Eduardo's on Harbord.

                  2. Lula Lounge has some GREAT cocktails, including a wicked mojito and delish caipirinhas!!!

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                      I love the mojitos at Lula's.. We're going out Wednesday though, and nothing seems to be happening there that evening...

                    2. I recall that Julie's Cuban on Dovercourt had good ones. That is one restaurant whose food I want to like more than I actually do like, but the drinks are great.

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                        Julie's it will be! I'll keep you posted on how good the Mojitos were. Everyone around me seems to be wanting to try the food too. I'll give it a try Downtown, I'm hoping your disappointment was a fluke..

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                          Yes, let us know how the dinner goes.