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Jul 23, 2007 06:38 PM

Downtown Bakery

My husband and I are doing a night in the city before our baby is born. We pricelined **** hotels and ended up with the Hyatt Regency (the one by the Common, not the one in Cambridge). Not sure how thrilled we are about that, but at least it's close walking distance to Locke-Ober, where will have dinner on Sat. night. Now we're looking for a great, close-by bakery for Sun. AM. Any ideas?

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  1. A 15 - 20 minute walk would bring you to Flour just off Congress St. Believe they open at 9:00 on Sunday. Tlhere may be some bagel places nearby open on Sundays and there are the bakeries in Chinatown which are very close.

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        Yup - the newer location, behind the Children's Museum. It's a bit under a mile from the downtown Hyatt, as opposed to the original Flour, which is about another half-mile distant. Frankly, neither one seems terribly close by, especially for someone "doing a night in the city before our baby is born", and my one experience with the Farnsworth Street Flour, stopping in for a sandwich before a concert @ the ICA, didn't impress me as a particularly cheery spot. (Plus, again, there's weird kind of fire-escape stairs up to the door which I might not enjoy if I were feeling even larger and more awkward than I already do...)

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          That's tremendous! When did they open the Farnsworth Street location?

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            it opened a few months ago. it's super busy at lunch but pretty calm the rest of the day.

    1. The boulangerie at Sel de la Terre (State St. near the Aquarium) opens at 9 AM on Sat. and Sun. Excellent breads and pastries.