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Jul 23, 2007 06:28 PM

I'm addicted to Cremeland, Manchester NH

I'm not even an ice cream addict but this stuff is sooooo good. Since I own a business not too far, I'm finding myself stopping by to grab a different cone to try - TOOO OFTEN!! Pistachio has huge, really huge and soooo many pistachios I was shocked. Then I tried caramel chip - caramel flavored ice cream with these monstor chucks of choc. throughout. Tonight I went for Butter pecan and no joke - every bite was this huge mega pecan half, not a piece of pecan but the whole pecan half and huge. Unbelievable, I don't think I've had ice cream like this before. :-)

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  1. Lex,

    OK already, I'm sold....where is this place??

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      Been there for ages, great fried scallops too. On Valley Street, just off N. Elm. Up on the left past the prison but before the old Gill Stadium. Across from 7/11. I'm picky about ice cream, bored with vanilla and chocolate, don't like fruity ones, etc. Hubby had some turtle thing that was filled with whole cashews and chunks of choco and other stuff - crazy!!

    2. That seals it, I'll have to check out Cremeland. I've driven by it enough times that it's been on the "I should check that out list." It certain has that authentic look down.

      1. Right on! Ice cream is great, but start with the fried clams and then have dessert. I have been going there since I was a kid growing up in Manchester in the 1970s. I now live in NC, but often have cravings for Cremeland's fried clam roll. The fried clams are absolutely fresh and still briny from the ocean. Best in town and among the best I have ever had. Everytime I come back (including tomorrow) it's the first stop I make after leaving the airport.

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          You can't miss a new great addition to Manch - City Flames Smokehouse. Awesome bbq (although you might be sick of good bbq in NC), excellent sides. Great owners. It's on the corner of Chestnut and Manchester St.

          And welcome back!!! I just had a chocolate almond ice cream cone at Cremeland and could not believe how many huge whole almonds are in this thing. I like things in my ice cream, fantastic. I personally love their scallops and fantastic burger (fresh local ground beef each morning delivered). I will have to try their clams next time.

        2. Stopped at Cremeland the other day...

          Haddock plate was two very large and fresh, not frozen, pieces of fish that should have been halved for easier consumption. Tasted nice, as fried food does, but the batter was like a heavy sheath instead of a light, crispy accompaniment. And no seasoning *at all*, definitely needed. Fish was definitely fresh. Fries were tasty, relatively crispy on the outside and light on the inside, in a crinkle cut fashion. Cole slaw was quite good, more of a vinegary base, with a nice lemon flavor...definitely not enough...could provide about 20% more, or so. Could also provide larger cups for ketchup and tartar sauce to make more convenient dipping...I'd perfer one larger one to four little cups.

          Good ice tap water, crisp...

          At $10.75, quite resonably priced for the freshness, but needed more flavor (seasoning), a few more fries, and definitely more cole slaw.

          Ice cream, I'm not a huge fan of (whenever big quantity, at low prices, one must think quality is suspect). Heard that their base is the same as Blake's.