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Need recommendations for 60th birthday party in Greenwich, CT

Planning a 60th birthday party, looking for a great restaurant, possibly with a private room in the Greenwich, CT area. All food types are OK. Thanks.

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  1. I really like Polpo. Depending on how large your party is, you can get space upstairs for a private party. They may have other private space that is smaller, not sure.

    And happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl...

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      I second Polpo. I was there for a birthday party and their dishes (I assume you select according to a priced template) were outstanding. Their broiled octopus was ethereal. I would imagine they are expensive though.

    2. could you give us some parameters? size, price point, likes, dislikes.

      1. I would also suggest letting us knwo what you are looking for in price and general ambiance. does it have to be in Greenwich or can it be near-by? I think Gaia could probably do something upstairs and I love it there. Nessa (in port chester) - might be able to accomidate you as well depending on the day/time. let me put on my thinking cap and I am sure I can come up with a few more ideas.

        1. I like Polpo too, but it is very expensive.

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          1. Jean-Louis is, IMHO, unmatched in this area for grace, class, and cuisine. Jean-Louis will open the resto on Sunday (normally closed) for special parties and do them up with great style! Check it out:

            1. Try Centro at the Mill in Glenville. They have a private room and you can order off of the regular menu.

              1. I would also recommend Gaia- I had a lovely birthday gathering there. I have also been to a large, 60th birthday party at L'escale at the Delamar hotel.

                1. Would ideally like to find a restaurant that has a private room. Price range is not a big concern, just great food and atmosphere.

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                    When I was there, I believe they were closed for the private party. Again, the food was outstanding but again, I bet they are verrrrry expensive.