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Jul 23, 2007 06:18 PM

More Bad Service at Cafe Angelique

SO and I got burned again on a carry-out order at Cafe Angelique - once again, all of the items we ordered were not in the bag. Since it was the second time this happened to us, I suppose we could be blamed for not checking the bag before we left the restaurant, but honestly, should we have to? For the last few months, we've really gotten the sense every time we've gone (dine in or carry out) that they just couldn't care less about whether or not we come back. So we won't. Done. But it's a shame - there are still relatively few good restaurants in Downtown - I hate to have to write one off. =(

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  1. Too many times, I've literally had to walk inside with my empty coffee cup in hand after waving down the waiters several times for refills. A customer shouldn't have to shame the waiters into service even once, let alone have to make a habit of it. Add to that the stoneware riddled with hairline cracks and dented tables that look hygienically suspicious, and the fact that they serve plain milk with coffee instead of half-and-half - It just doesn't taste good! - and I wrote Angélique Café off about a year ago.

    WoodSpoon is just around the corner. The service generally isn't much more enthusiastic, but at least the infrastructure is better.

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      but the food is oh so good.. love the blade cut lamb chops with a good size salad included and those potatoes.. very good. I have only been there for lunch..

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        I go for breakfast usually, though I've had some lunches. I'd say the food is okay, but nothing more than okay. I've had better chicken dishes, the croissants are small and rarely fresh, and the crêpes are bland. The one exceptional offering I've had is the charcuterie platter.

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        I love Nathalia at Wood Spoon! She always treats us extremely warmly. I feel the service there is on the opposite end of the spectrum from what we've been experiencing at Angelique. Unfortunately, Wood Spoon does not do brunch - but Tiara does, and they will be getting our brunch business from now on.

      3. I used to eat at Angelique all the time and loved the food but the service was always so-so. Then one time I was there with my daughter who ordered quiche and said it didn't taste right. I tasted it and agreed. So I asked to send it back. The response we received was angry, insulting and contemptible. I thought maybe I had been misunderstood so I politely repeated my request, only to have the server's deplorable behavior escalate.

        I quickly paid and we left. That was 6 years ago and it remains one place that will always be on my sh*t list.

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        1. re: Sam D.

          the food is still great but they need a new staff

          1. re: Sam D.

            I had a very similar experience with them, which actually led to them giving me my check and essentially telling me to leave. It is definitely the only place I will never, never step foot in again. That was 2 years ago.

          2. If you were not aware, Angelique Cafe was sold last December or thereabouts, and has a new owner, not French, btw!
            Thus everything you might have felt about the place back some time may no longer be the case, as it is under new ownership.
            As a fwiw, the former owners are in escrow to purchase the Panini Cafe in West Hollywood in the ground floor of the Ramada Hotel on Santa Monica Blvd. west of La Cienega. Who knows what it may turn into. But it will be in good hands.

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              I have not been to Angelique Cafe since the sale but under the former owners I always had tasty lunches and good service. So Carter please post an update when they open the new place!!!

            2. I tried Cafe Angelique today for the first time because Wood Spoon was closed due to "technical difficulties". Other than the onion soup, the food was good, not great by any stretch, but ok to good. The onion soup was very disappointing, very oily with three bay leaves to pick out as well as very thick stem/twig of some sort, perhaps from thyme. Cheese was melted on a slice of plain baguette. Flavor was bland as well. Duck confit was ok, but skin should have been crisper. Fries were good, not great at all, needed salt, didn't seem to be seasoned at all. Salad dressing good, a bit too much mustard. St. Andre sandwich was very good as was the chicken sausage. The service was very poor. Long wait to take our order.I left my soup half eaten, the waiter took it away, never asked if anything was ok or not during the entire meal. Had to wait for glasses and ice for our drinks. Don't see myself returning.