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Jul 23, 2007 06:05 PM

Where to Buy Crawfish Tails?

I am looking to buy several pounds of Crawfish tails to make some etouffee` next week - where should I go?

Santa Monica Seafood was pricey and the person seemed unsure if they really had any...


Thanks so much!

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  1. Bristol Farms, Gelson's (I think), I saw whole cooked ones at Jons on Vermont (might want to taste a few before you invest a lot of $$$), LA Fish 4th & San Pedro, I used to get them there, New Orleans Fish Market 323-296-3817 or 298-9738, 2212 West Vernon Ave., This should help you. I know that New Orleans Fish market gets live ones during season.

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      gulf coast crawfish season is pretty much over. you can order frozen via mail order. generally, the cheapest i've seen it in new orleans is about $7/lb for frozen crawfish tails (but it usually costs much more than that):

    2. SM SEafood has them but they're frozen. Gelson's sometimes has them (frozen as well).

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        I have them several times over the years from Gelson's. However, I have not tried in five years or so. Each time they were tasteless as if they had been poorly defrosted and/or sat in the case too long.

      2. Cafe Artist was the first, or at least one of the first, local Vietnamese establishments to serve crawfish. They now ship crawfish in and sell it to the public and other restaurants in the area. If you want live whole crawfish and are in the OC area, you can try them:

        Artist Crawfish Company
        10302 Trask Ave
        Garden Grove, CA 92843
        (714) 539-9265

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            sometimes, they have them fresh.