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Jul 23, 2007 05:33 PM


I made reservations for Tinto for next Friday night. Anything that's a can't miss on the menu?

I'm really excited....looking forward to this meal since I have heard/read nothing but good things about it.

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  1. I ate at Tinto's a few weeks ago and was just blown away by a number of dishes. Here are a few that really stand out: A clam rice dish with parmesan cream, lemon, and artichokes; a pork belly dish that came in a little pot with black beans and cabbage; a roasted mushroom and potato dish. The only thing I didn't like was the marinated anchovies - the anchovies were good but the combination of anchovies and melon didn't work for me. The dishes are from the Basque region so they are fairly rich but delicious. We didn't have dessert because it is right across from Capagiro gelato - a nice light, refreshing dessert after a rich meal. Hope this helps. Have a great time!

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      Two questions. How much should I expect to spend at this meal (not that its an issue, just curious), and would I be ok wearing nice dark jeans and a nice polo shirt?

      We are going to Helium Comedy Club afterwards so this should be a fun night.

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        your clothes are fine, figure $100 / person with alchohol and tip. it's expensive! but very good.. duck montaditos....

    2. Funny, my DH and I just ate there last week and I was wishing today we were going back this week. Save room for dessert if you are so inclined - I had mine all picked out on the menu - choc. cake with carmelized bananas and saffron crema- but alas, no room at the end of the meal.

      The pinxtos, I think - one lamb that DH got and a chicken one I got -were wonderful - skewers served in large shot glasses with sauces for dipping/pouring were excellent. Skip the bocadillos (little sandwiches); not that they weren't good, but there is so much else to try...I had the pork belly dish as well and it was outstanding. We had many different items and didn't go wrong anywhere - enjoy! BTW, we spent $130 total before tip, and that was with 3 drinks.