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Jul 23, 2007 05:20 PM

See's peanut brittle

Is anyone familar with See's peanut brittle. Made in California and only available in the States which is very unfortunate. Apparently they have been around for many many years but I just tried some over the weekend. AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE, even if you don't care for peanut brittle you would love this one. If you ever get the chance. try it!!! I understand you can get it in Buffalo and Lord and Taylor's or Macy's.

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  1. You can get See's mail order in Canada but their shipping charges are brutal. I LOVE their chocolates (they won't ship the chocolates in the hot weather though).

    1. we are big fans of See's in general and See's peanut brittle in particular. At Christmas, i gave my godmother a box, my brother gave her a box, and my sister in law gave me a box. It's amazing that any of us had fillings in our teeth left by Boxing Day. You can get it by mail order, and it's available in the malls in the Detroit area over the holidays (let me know if you need a fix!)

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        Thanks for the endorsement/recommendations. I always see it at the airport when I am going thru Cali and wondering if I should pick up some chocs or I shall get both to try.

        1. re: kerwintoronto

          I was just in San Francisco and they had a big See's kiosk at the airport. I am sure they sell it at LAX as Sees is based in LA. I really dig the cool hats they wear in the store. I love the sassafras lolly pops.

        2. re: brendastarlet

          Hey brendastarlet thanks for the very kind offer. I might have to take you up on it one of these days. I['m planning a trip to buffalo soon so hopefully I will get some there. In fact, I don't like to have it around....too dangerous if you know what I mean.

          1. re: millygirl

            ALso try the See's coffee candy made with real coffee!!! Really tasty!

        3. millygirl, Indigo is selling See's Peanut Brittle in their gift section. I bought a few boxes at the Eaton Centre location, and noticed it was in stock at an Indigo in London. $16.95/box.