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Jul 23, 2007 05:16 PM

Twin Palms Restaurant in Pasadena

My good friend is thinking about hosting her wedding reception at the Twin Palms Restaurant in Pasadena. Just want to get everyone's feedback to see if this place is good enough for my dear friend's big day... :)

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  1. the place is perfect as settings go, yet the food is not the world's best, or even close to it. Depending on what food you are interested in, it can still work, however. Just keep the food simple, easy on the kitchen, and booze is the same regardless of location, so make sure you ask the right questions regarding menu issues.

    1. The setting is sort of nice, dining under the (faux) big top.

      The food, however, often leaves much to be desired and seems a bit stuck in the 1990s, even taking account its recent menu update to reflect a "tapas" centric offering.

      1. keeping in mind that we all have our own opinions and taste buds, i like twin palms. have been going there 2-3 times a year since it opened and have always enjoyed it. to me, atmosphere and service are as important (sometimes more so) than food. so, unless the food is truly offensive, i can handle it - on the other hand, if the service is not good, i won't go regardless of how good the food may be - i'd rather eat at home.

        that being said, i would not have any problem hosting a wedding/party at twin palms. it is not only "good enough", it is better than many others.

        1. agree with carter...we made previous similar comments at

          depending on the number of people you're planning for, you might also check out Holly Street Bar and Grill- nice patio and similar pricing, menu. They have pictures on their website for setups for using the outdoor patio for receptions...(I prefer HSB&G over Twin Palms, food wise, as well as when I was last at Twn Plms it was looking a little worn around the edges...haven't been to Tw.Palms in a year, so maybe they've polished it up since then).

          1. Had a work lunch here a few weeks ago...and it was HORRIBLE!!! The space is nice, but the food and service were terrible. The waitress spllied THREE drinks of various members of our group --- she barely apologized and didn't offer any compensation. The food is barely ediible...maybe you can arrage to bring in catered food (hahaha)...

            On the other hand, I had a great lunch at Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena. The place is very cute (similar to Twin Palms setting) and the food was fabulous!