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Jul 23, 2007 04:52 PM

Where to take Mom to Dinner Near Curran Theatre

I’m taking my visiting mother to see Jersey Boys and looking for dinner recommendations walking distance to the Curran Theatre. My mom’s only request is that the food is not spicy (at all!). Some places I’m thinking about include Canteen, Colibri Mexican Bistro, Out the Door (this is the only place I’ve been to out of the bunch and loved it but I’m worried that my mom will think it’s too spicy), Cortez – any other suggestions for places walking distance to the Curran Theatre? Thanks!

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    1. There's Biscuits & Blues and Max's, both on Mason/Geary; can't vouch for anything but proximity and lack of spiciness depending on what's ordered. Great show, you'll have a terrific time!
      ps: posted before, but disappeared...

      1. Try the Grand Cafe, 501 Geary, one block up from the Curran. We went there before a Curran performance and enjoyed it very much. It's an old-school San Francisco place with a varied menu.

        1. If you can get a reservation, Canteen is wonderful. Other options - both French - would be Anjou and La Scene.

          1. Thank you everyone for the suggestions - was able to get a spot at the counter of Canteen, so I'm excited to try it out!