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Jul 23, 2007 04:43 PM

Lunch Suggestions?

I just started a job in the low 30s off 6th Ave. I didn't realize how spoiled I was with my last job's location in terms of lunch (low 20s between Park/Bway), but damn if I'm half stumped for quickie grab and go lunches in my new nabe. There's lots of crappy pizza and junk like that, but I think I can do better! People at the office say they sometimes go to the Manhattan Mall's food court--really?? Any recs based on what I'm missing already?

* Standard or gourmet deli (I used to love Food Works, 5th Ave. Epicure, and the sheer convenience of Emma's Dilema's "we got everything" approach). It's nice to be able to go someplace completely undecided and be able to end up with soup, or salad, or a burger, or cheap sushi--or you get the idea--that's at least halfway decent.
* Sushi prepped and ready to go (i.e. not sit-down lunch special) or most especially rice balls. I loved JAS Mart for this, as well as random Japanese snacks that I'd buy on spec. I peeked in the Asian supermarket on 32nd hoping they'd have some sort of a prepped food section, but alas. (Good source for frozen dumplings and Korean BBQ kits it looks like.)

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  1. Hill Country BBQ (26th between 6th and Bwy), brgr (7th Ave btw 26th and 27th)

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