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Jul 23, 2007 04:37 PM

This Is About Adding to My Chow Page's "People I'm Reading"

I would like to add some names of posters to my "my chow" page "people I'm reading" list. It's easy to do when you see them posting - no problem. But, if you do not see them posting so you can click on their name and then go to their own "my chow" page and click on "add this person to people I'm reading" well - how do you add them? I tried doing a search of their names and I got a list of their posts but on that page I could not find anything to click on that would result in linking to their "my chow" page so I could then add them.

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  1. Just click on one of the recent threads in the search results and open it. You can click through to their profile from the thread and add them as you normally would.

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      I'm not sure I know what you mean by " through to their profile". What I just did is search their name. Then scroll through the thread to where they are replying. I try to click on their name/avatar to try to get to their profile and NOTHING happens.

      1. re: niki rothman

        Niki - Go to the profile box of the person you want to add your your reading list. There under the person's name (way over to the right) are the words, "Add Soandso to your reading list." Click on those words and voila... the person is added to your list.

        1. re: Gio

          Hi Gio,
          Er...HOW exactly do you get to their profile box? Am I totally crazy (no, that is NOT my psychiatric diagnosis, which I believe is only "neurotic") or have I been saying that I cannot GET to this person's "my chow" page? If not, let me say it now: I can't figure out how to get to this person's "my chow" page. I already totally know that there IS a place on the "my chow" page that says, "add this person to your reading list".
          Thanks. offense intended. Just feeling frustrated. Where is the chowhound team when you really DO need them? But I suppose if I started loading this post with gross profanity they would show up pronto...

          1. re: niki rothman

            Is it possible that you are trying to add someone from a pre-CNet thread? Those usernames are not "clickable".

            In case you didn't know, Jacquilynne is part of the Chowhound team, as the Community Manager.

            1. re: niki rothman

              I apologize.... I didn't read the part where you said you cannot get to the My Chow page.

              1. re: Gio

                No apologies necessary. And thank you so much for caring. I realize i have a serious problem with not being very able when it comes to operating my computer. But, one way or another we'll figure this thang out!

        2. re: Jacquilynne

          Hi Jacquilynne. Sorry I did not realize you were a member of the chowhound team. Thanks for your attempt to help me. Other team members as you can see below think I may be trying to open a post that's too old. I'll try a newer post.

          But, I think it would a good idea to say you're a chowhound team member, if you don't mind my saying so, because for 2 days now, I guess, I thought nobody on the chowhound team was on my case.

          Two questions:
          1) Youe avatar. Is it a puff ball type fungus?
          2) I did go to your "my chow" page. You say your favorite food is KD and mention we might be shocked to know that. I'm all set to laugh in a friendly, good hearted way - laughing WITH you, not AT you. But, unsophisticated me, WHAT is KD?

          Maybe I didn't notice, but I didn't see anything on your "my chow" page disclosing your identity as a chowhound team member. Is this common practice? Are there some team members who say they are such on their "my chow" pages, or are you all under cover?
          In any case, a sincere and loving thanks to the entire chowhound team for making this my favorite website!

          1. re: niki rothman

            I sign my posts as the Community Manager sometimes--when I'm speaking from a position of authority on a policy issue, generally, or making an announcement. If I'm just offering tech help, I sometimes leave it off, because I have to type it in myself each time. I've updated my profile to include that information, though, as you suggested.

            The picture on my profile is a pao de queijo, which were undoubtedly my favourite food when I lived in Brasilia. KD is Kraft Dinner, which is what we Canadians call Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Americans are mostly familiar with that phrasing from the Barenaked Ladies song "If I Had a Million Dollars" where they declare they'd still eat Kraft Dinner even if they had a million dollars (presumably, being pretty rich rock stars, they now have the chance to prove that on a regular basis). I'd still eat Kraft Dinner if I had a million dollars, too. I'd just have someone else wash the pot after ;)

        3. A timely question since I was just wondering about this: What does it mean to add someone to your "people I'm reading" list? Why would I want to do that? I'm not familiar with the function.

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          1. re: HungryLetsEat

            I can actually answer this one...You want to add people whose writing, recipes, information you enjoy, or are particularly useful to you. You know, you usually find yourself habitually, perhaps unconsciously, reading certain people's posts. For example, for a long time I only had Will Owen on my "people I am reading" list. Have you seen his cute avatar where he's wearing a Panama hat and lovingly cuddling his little tortoise shell kitty cat? Let's face it, I have a big chowish crush on Will Owen. I mean anyone who would say his favorite food was pig's feet eaten across the square from Notre Dame cathedral...

            Er...Niki seems to be going off on one of her habitual, and boring, probably even annoying to anyone but herself, TANGENTS.


            But, in any case, when you add people to your "people I'm reading" list, then you can just go to your own "my chow" page (I think of it as a little piece of home online) and then you can click on your own personal chowhound stars' avatars and see what they've been writing lately.

            So, thank you chowhound team for thinking of these useful, helpful ways for us to better enjoy being chowhounds who (barely, in my case) know how to operate computers.