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Jul 23, 2007 04:32 PM

Anyone tried Bleu Boheme yet?

The new Phillipe Beltran effort at the once Green Tomato? I got an email announcement, menu seems classic french bistro, except (mercifully) without the frites.


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  1. I didnt think it was open?? I drove by there last week and it looked like they were still working on it...

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    1. re: butterbutt

      I was in the neighborhood on Friday evening, and it didn't appear open yet.

      1. re: phee

        A friend of mine lives in the neighborhood and said it was open as of Saturday - we're hoping to try it out this week.

    2. A neighborhood friend went there over the weekend and was quite pleased with it. She had the mussels and frites and said they were as good as what she'd had a Vagabond (which were very good). Salad was good, calamari was good but the serving was small. She thought the entrees were a bit more than Vagabond. The bartender was from Vagabond. Decor had been changed to be more rustic french (sounded close to the decor at French Side of the West).

      1. I went on Sunday night not knowing it had been open for 2 days. It was very good. The service was a bit slow but all in all a good experience. The coq au vin was great as were the filet and lamb. We tried order the escargot but they don't have any yet. That was bit of a disappointment. It was very crowded as well. Nice neighborhood joint. I look forward to going back.

        1. I had lunch there today, and I think it was the best TUNA NICOISE salad I have ever had. It came with seared ahi, done perfectly. The ahi was hardly seared and perfectly pink. The salad had butter leaf lettuce, the hydroponic type, crunchy string beans, bell pepper and a light lemon dressing. It was extremely filling.