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Jul 23, 2007 04:10 PM

Need a few amazing dinner spots

My girlfriends mom is coming into town. Last time she was here we found some amazing places to eat and I want to keep that trend going. I didn't know about Chowhound back then so I am hoping to impress.

I always check Chowhound for out to eat options with the GF where we keep meal with drinks under $50. With her in town we get to go to all those expensive places I skip over.

A place on the ocean would be nice for one meal.

I live in Santa Monica

GF lives in North Hollywood.

So really any place from Santa Monica east (plus up to Malibu if needed - we ate at Moonshadows one night which was great).

Price is not a conern, good food and vibe is. They do not eat red meat so no steak houses.

My brain is blanking out at some of the great suggetions, which were always out of my price range, that I read about here. Just in Santa Monica I know there are some great ones.

Id like to make reservations for a few nights tomorrow so any thoughts would be great.

Thanks all!

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  1. If price is really no object, I would vote for Melisse. I've had two fabulous dinners there recently with my family. The food and the service was perfect.

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      A good friend of mine raved about Melisse. I dont know about the $140 pp fixed menu, but the other options seem great.

    2. I love Josie, and often go there for a nice meal with friends and when my parents are in town. You also might want to try Craft!

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        Both of these sound like good options. I used to work right next door the Craft and didnt even know it!

      2. What were the amazing places you did last time???

        If you haven't tried, I recommend......

        Matsuhisa (or Urazawa if they REALLY don't mind the $$$$$)

        In Santa Monica....

        Wilshire & Giorgio Baldi are my favorites.

        1. opus - tasting menu is great, not to mention a phenomenal value
          sushi zo - my current fave spot for omakase
          vincenti - damn good italian fare
          angelini osteria - also damn good italian fare
          spago - damn good tasting menu
          providence - also damn good tasting menu
          capo - on ocean ave in sm; great fire grilled meats

          1. For moms, I love La Cachette and Pane e Vino. Also, Inn of the Seventh Ray is great for non-meat eaters.

            Bin8945 has a great tasting menu not always mentioned here.

            I've had a couple of great meals lately at Divino in Brentwood; Vincenti is also good over there as suggested by another poster.

            Jer-Ne is another nice option for brunch or dinner.

            For brunches, how about Rive Gauche, 26 Beach, James Beach, again Divino (for the "Pranzo")?

            Agree w/ recs for Capo, Providence, and Sona.

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            1. re: Emme

              I love Lucques. They are known for their short ribs among other things but I had a delicious pink snapper a couple of Sunday nights ago for their prix fixe Sunday Supper. The other entree evening was a yummy pork dish which I don't remember exactly but the point is there is something for everyone.