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Dec 28, 2006 10:28 PM

Recipe for tourtcaire (sp?)

Good day to all...I'm an ex New Englander, but have been away from that part of the world for most of my life. In searching for a recipe for tourtcaire (sp?) I came across this lively discussion of gorton, which was something my mom dearly loved. If I remember correctly, when my dad was preparing the pork/onion mixture to make tourtcaire, he would put aside a bit of the meat so my mom would have her gorton for her sandwiches and toast. She used a bit of mustard with hers. I'm posting here to see if anyone might have a recipe that sounds similar or the same as the one my dad used to make. We are from Nashua, N. H., if that makes any difference. His recipe, if I remember it correctly, was to use about 5 lb. or fine ground pork butt, a finely diced large onion, salt and pepper. He'd cover the meat and onions with probably a gallon or so of water and cook it for hours, until all of the water had cooked away. He then mixed the meat/onion mixture with twice the amount of plain mashed potatoes and used that for pies and/or to stuff a turkey. Of course, he always remembered to put aside a bit of the meat for my mom. Anyone else ever heard of a recipe like this?

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  1. If you don't get help here, I suggest you post this on the Home Cooking board. Go to the top of the page, click on Boards. Me I dunno from cretons but I'm thinking I ought to!

    1. There's a recipe for it in this week's Food section of the Boston Globe. This guy uses veal and pork in his. It's under "One Cook's Best Dish".

      1. hi davidbinjax,

        Perhaps you are looking for Tourtière. I have a recipe that is included in New Brunswick Pictorial Cookbook (ISBN 0-921054-61-0), admittedly haven't tried it yet, therefore can't comment on it.

        ~~~bon appetite~~~

        1. Grandpere Recipe for Groton (Nashua Version)
          1 lb ground pork
          1 small/medium onion chopped
          1/2 teaspoon of salt
          1 teaspoon of allspice

          Cover pork with water, add onion, salt , allspice. Bring to boil then simmer. Mash every 5 to 10 minutes until small amount of fatty liquid remains. Pour in small bowl.
          Refrigerate. Usually served on toast.

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            That recipe bears a vague resemblance to creton.

            I'm from Québec and this is my go-to toutière recipe:

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              There are as many toutiere recipes as there are cooks. It is definitely tourtiere, as you describe it. My preference has always been the ground pork, onion, pepper, cloves, a garlic clove, celery powder or celery leaves, and dry bread crumbs to soak up the liquid, (when the meat is cooked, and the liquor is mostly cooked off) then cooled, and baked in a savory pie crust. I prefer a meatier combination, than your father's twice the amount of potatoes. I have certainly seen recipes using potatoes, as you describe, and different herbs and spices. I've also seen recipes for tourtiere that used shredded, stewed pork plus....veal, poultry, even lamb. As I said, as many recipes for tourtiere as there are cooks.

              I always make a tourtiere for New Years, and have it with homemade fruit chili. YUMMM!!