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Jul 23, 2007 03:32 PM

Calgary and Banff weekend report

I spent this past weekend in Calgary and Banff with two friends. While we did not eat Chowish-worthy food the whole trip, there were a few places that are worthy of reporting.

Had a lovely lunch at Chaya on Banff Avenue. The place was tiny, but the food was so good. I had the BBQ pork ramen and could not stop drinking the soup even though I was stuffed. One friend had the Miso ramen with ground pork; it was tasty too but in a different way. I think if you did not like a strong miso taste you would not like this dish. My other friend had a bowl of udon that blew me away. The soup was delicate and light, yet flavourful. We also decided to try a couple of rice balls. They were triangular in shape and came filled with salmon, tuna, or sweet plum. We tried the tuna and sweet plum; the tuna tasted good although I wish there was more tuna and a little less rice. The rice was a little sweet, which went well with the tuna. The plum rice ball was saltier than we expected. I just wish this restaurant wasn't so far away from where I live, because I would be a regular customer.

I had originally planned to have a nice dinner on Stephen Ave but those plans were scrapped for a quickie, but filling and cheap meal at the Veggie House in Chinatown. A small plate of gluten on rice was less than $6, and was probably big enough for 2 people. Lots and lots of carbs.

A shared snack on Stephen Ave made me want to go back for more. We ordered a kolbassa with chili and cheese inserted into a heated French roll (didn't taste like kolbassa, but we didn't care because it was yummy). Not sure of the name of the place but it was a little white and blue stand that I always pass by but never stopped at.

Brunch at Diner Deluxe with another friend topped off our trip before we left town. My veggie burger was tasty and had a nice crunch. Too often I've had veggie burgers that fall apart but this one held together well. Friend #1 had the omelette special with chorizo sausage, and friend #2 had the steak and eggs, and both stuffed themselves. Friend #3 had the grilled banana and chocolate sourdough French toast. It was unusual, but tasty. Almost like eating a dense cake that tasted lightly of chocolate... and eggs. We all fell in love with the bread they used for their toast.

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  1. Sounds Chowish enough to me. You ate it, you enjoyed it, and you posted about it. It's exactly how Chowhound works!!

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    1. re: formerlyfingers

      Let's just say I skipped the details about breakfast at A&W and dinner at Boston Pizza. ;)

    2. "We all fell in love with the bread they used for their toast." A brilliantly Chowish statement.

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      1. re: formerlyfingers

        We should have asked them if they bought it from a bakery (I know it wasn't the one next door).

      2. love the blue and white hot dog stand! - i don't know what it's called either but it's line up across the street and more most noon hours in the summer.

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        1. re: pants

          Isn't that one called 'Old Munich'? And isn't their slogan, 'The Best of the Wurst'? Or is that a different one I'm thinking of. I love the pocket dogs there.

          1. re: feuerzeug

            The one I went to wasn't the one with that slogan. Although I do remember passing by it and groaning at the pun....

        2. In Banff we also liked Chaya very much, and we still talk about their very nice and flavorful soups, a very tiny place, but seemed to me that was family run and owned. We are planing to go back to Chaya next time we are in Banff. And like you, I wish I lived close to it, I will be there all the time.