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Headcheese in North York area

As a kid, I had headcheese a lot for my lunches. Now I'm getting nostalgic for it. My mom says we used to get it from this European deli in Mississauga. Anyone know where I can get some in the North York area?


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  1. in ottawa my husband buys it at just about any deli. i think even some of the grocery stores have it. it is really easy to find. his favourite is the garlic head cheese. personally, i find it disgusting :)

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      The Honey Bear at 249 Sheppard Avenue East makes their own head cheese. You can usually get plain or with paprika.

    2. Headcheese is called coppa in Italian and Sülze/Presskopf in German. I really like it, but it's an acquired taste. I usually find it in places that cater to Central Europeans, Eastern Europeans and Italians.

      You probably originally got it from Brandts in Mississauga. http://www.brandtmeats.com/ . They make the some of the best in the city. I really like their headcheese. They also make the most varieties--all of which are available at their deli in Mississauga. Bona foods ( http://www.bonafoods.com/ ) makes good headcheese too. After you try either brand you will learn to skip the blander Schneiders which is sold in a plastic tub rather than in the deli. It seems to be available almost everywhere.

      Both Brandt and Bona products are available in many places (Loblaws etc), but most don't order the headcheese. To find it in North York, your best bet is probably Lady York on Dufferin. Or maybe Commiso's. Call them first or just call the manufacturers.

      All that said, Brandts store is really worth a visit.

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        Agree that Brandt's makes a fine head cheese (Sulze). I get my fix when I can't get my Momma's homemade "coppa" at Highland Farms. They ususally have at leats 4 varieties along with an amazing selection of cured meats--6 kinds of prosciutto 12 to 15 salumi, real Westpahlian ham, bundnerfleisch etc. etc.

        1. Another vote for Brandt's.For my money, no one makes better mittel Europe-style wurst and cured meats.The place and brand have zero snob-appeal which removes it from many people's food radar.Good value and superb quality.They're only open Wed-Sat, though.

          1. I don't know if they carry headcheese, but there is a good Russian deli and grocery store on Dufferin north of Finch called Gastronom.

            1. Trailed into Hungarian Honey Bear,www.mezesmacko.com
              Chunk style Head Cheese in 3 varieties is indeed in the deli case and the sandwich on a bun was most tasty.
              Also a small hot table case,from which I ordered Schnitzel,rice with peas,dill pickle and a small pepper stuffed with sauerkraut.Container of beef stew included 2 slices of bread and all foods were most satisfying.Look to the weblink for the 411 on this cool European Deli!
              Still have yet to find the German grey,ground meat version of Head Cheese loaded with black pepper from my youth...

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                Hedelberg Foods Ltd. in Elmira is a german processor. I think this operation was recently absorbed, but I may be wrong. By any road, it would sill be a quality product. If it's not too far for you, you may wish to give it a try - not a bad day trip at this time of year.


                I don't see head cheese listed but that doesn't mean they don't have it.

                You mentioned 3 varieties of head cheese at Honey Bear. I remember only 2 - with paprika or without. Do you remember what the third one was?

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                  Ahh yes,third also had paprika but was "hot" and what I had in the sandwich...
                  Thankyou,DP,for the tip about the HoneyBear Deli.I most definitely will return!
                  Elmira is not so far from where I spent my youth,Ariss ON, and where my father still remains on the farm...(I'm near Yonge and Sheppard now)
                  Pig Tails and Beef Bone Marrow for the win!(where are they now?)

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                    The're's a Hungarian store on St Clair, west of Bathhurst. They also carry Paprika Headcheese. It sounds similar to the what you describe. Good stuff! Not sure whether they make or get it from somewhere else like Honeybear.

                    If you are looking for pig tails to cook at home, you can find it around the city. My experiences suggest looking at places that cater people from around the med. I was at Fiesta Farms yesterday. The more esoteric meats included had pig tails, heads, ears, livers, kidneys and beef hearts. They don't always have the tails, but they usually have them. I've seen similar stuff at Rui Gomes as well. You might have to drive from Yonge and Sheppard to find this stuff.

                    I buy bone marrow bones at the SLM, or get it from the butcher shop/macelleria just by asking. Haven't seen it on the menu in Toronto, but I figure I can easily make it at home.

              2. I've always seen this in supermarkets and almost cringed at it, I truely am curious what it is or tastes like...

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                  I too would cringe at it in a supermarket. Headcheese is made from the scraps of meat on the cheeks and face of the hog. It is boiled; seasoned; strained; the gristle and skin picked out, and then returned to the gelatinous cooking liquid. The stomach of the beast is used as a casing. The Honey Bear version is a coarsely textured pork aspic in cold cut form. It's a great snack with a slice of good rye bread and pickled pepper or good dill pickle. Some will drizzle their slice of meat a small bit of vinegar.

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                    My reply was split from this board and placed into Home Cooking,so check the board for a reply!

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                      Freye's Meats, Mount Forest, is a modern but Old Order facility, and worth calling.They are not online for religious reasons. The phone number is listed at

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                        Checked the recipe. That's pretty close to what my folks used to do except for the seasonings - I think they used only salt and pepper and garlic. Honey Bear has some interesting offerings posted only in Hungarian.

                        "Kocsonya" is a rich pork aspic and they make it occasionally. If you like head cheese, you'll like this.

                        "Liba Maj" is their own goose liver pate.

                        "Savanyúkáposzta" is their own sauerkraut. It's fresh and crunchy with little nubbins of hot pepper.

                        When these items are available they're posted on the front of the meat display case.

                    2. Ultrablue provided a recipe for headcheese, that we moved to the Home Cooking board. You can check it out here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/427854

                      1. Lein's Deli, 3262 Lakeshore Blvd. W...not in North York but very tasty headcheese