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Jul 23, 2007 03:08 PM

Wang's, Somerville: Can anyone translate?

I was just checking out the Wang's menu, and I noticed that the back has a section completely in Chinese... The prices don't appear to correspond to anything else on the menu, and now I want to know what I'm missing. Can anyone translate? Perhaps there are a few gems in there :)

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  1. It's just a selection of dishes (shown elsewhere in the menu in both English and Chinese) that Chinese people might like. Or you might consider these to be the most "authentic" dishes. The prices do correspond, just look again. The first two dishes ($10.95) are fried shrimp dishes, shown under "house specialties".

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    1. re: Luther

      does this place deliver to boston?

      1. re: jimmydingle

        The menu says "limited delivery area"... I doubt it.

      2. re: Luther

        You're right about the shrimp dishes, but the first one on mine is $13.95, and I don't see anything else on the menu at that price... Maybe a misprint.

        1. re: davis_sq_pro

          Yeah, there's a few different versions of that menu, and I think the $13.95 thing has been eliminated. The extent of my Chinese food knowledge is that the last two characters in the $13.95 thing are "fish" and "soup".

          Almost everything in the Chinese section is from the "house specialties" section.

      3. OK... so I'm sitting here watching the Sox and need something to occupy myself during the commercial breaks... so I have gone through the entire Chinese-only section and matched everything up with stuff from the English sections.

        There are only a few items that don't appear in English:

        - The previously mentioned $13.95 vegetable/fish soup
        - Shredded beef with bitter melon
        - Shredded pork with bitter melon

        And here's everything else (the stuff that appears in English)

        jumbo shrimp with spiced salt and pepper
        dry sauteed jumbo shrimp
        baby shrimp with cashew nuts
        baby shrimp with cucumber
        shell on jumbo shrimp and turnip soup
        house special whole tilapia
        whole fish with sweet and sour sauce
        steamed fish with ginger and scallion
        fish with tofu clay pot
        crispy butter fish
        fried squid with spiced salt and pepper
        spicy squid with vegetable
        eel with sour piddle sauce
        crispy eel with special sauce
        spicy sauteed sea conch with thai basil
        home style sea cucumber and pork
        pork thigh with sea cucumber
        fish with tofu clay pot
        szechuan style bone-in chicken
        spicy bone-in chicken in brown sauce
        diced chicken with pepper in chili sauce
        diced chicken with black mushroom
        minced tofu with seafood
        orange flavor beef
        crispy beef with sesame
        beef with scallion
        shredded beef with spicy green pepper
        peking style shredded pork in plum sauce
        traditional yu shang style shredded pork
        smoked bean curd with shredded pork
        dish of pork thigh (meat lover)
        chestnut with fatty pork
        northern style pork sparerib
        spareribs with sweet and sour sauce
        spareribs with spiced salt and pepper
        house special sauce braised intestine
        fried intestine with spicy green pepper
        stir fried pork tripe with vegetable
        shredded pork tripe with sour piddle
        stir fried pea pod stems
        yu shang eggplant in garlic sauce
        dry sauteed string beans
        shanghai cabbage with black mushroom
        spinach with garlic sauce
        shredded potato in vinegar sauce
        stir fry sprouts in vinegar sauce
        stir fry cucumber with scrambled egg

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        1. re: Luther

          Wow, great work!!!

          BTW, I tried the crispy eel with special sauce tonight. It wasn't especially crispy, and the eel itself was tough--and I broke the "no fish on Mondays" rule. But the special sauce was amazing...