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Jul 23, 2007 02:31 PM

VerDaddy's-not the truth, but not bad

I searched for this topic but couldn't find it. I had a decent fish taco and I like the shoestring fries taco-reminded me a bit of a potato burrito I ate in Mexico a while back. The fish taco had a slaw topping that was crunchy, and the two filets of fish were just fine. Nothing spectacular, but not bad for a neighborhood spot. I really like the fried tortilla rolled in cinnamon, sugar, and honey. Very addicting. I think the service has gotten much better, and they seem to be gaining more and more customers as they hit their stride. Questionably decorated exterior and interior could use some brightening, though. They are certainly better than that dreadful Taco Max!

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  1. Sorry-it's at Biscayne and 75th in Miami.

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    1. re: Miami Danny

      Is this Bizzarro World? Taco Max had some of the greatest cochinita pibil I've ever had, and I never got a bad taco there. Ver Daddy's was a complete train wreck both times I tried it. Details here:

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Well perhaps you should revisit. As far as Taco Max, I just hope when they reopen, they learn how to make a taco. I had nothing BUT bad tacos there, although the beer was always cold.

        1. re: Miami Danny

          Are you serious? Maybe it's a difference of opinion or taste, but the tacos I had at Taco Max were always good (never great, but never bad). As for VD, the 3 times I've been have been disasters. I don't know if I can put myself through it one more time. Now considering our difference in tastes, how is it we agree that the tacos at Orale are really good?

          1. re: lax2mia

            I guess I have higher standards for authentic Mexican tacos than for gringo-ized fare. Similar to the 'Chipotle' syndrome. If a Mexican served me a Ver Daddy's taco, (or anything resembling Chipotle's), I would be disgusted. But from a non-Mexican, it's a decent facsimile-good for a quick lunch then back to work (if I ate lunch or had a job). In fact, I don't really even consider what Ver Daddy's does as technically tacos-they contain similar ingredients, but they are no more tacos than your average tuna fish wrap. I'll leave Taco Max in peace and wish them well.

            1. re: Miami Danny

              And we'll agree to not consider what Ver Daddy's does as tacos! Your french fry taco reminded me of a similar odd french-fry utilization I recently experienced. A couple weeks ago we tried El Rincon de Chabuca, a Peruvian place on Collins just north of 71st (which I keep on calling in my head "El Rincon de Chewbacca"). They've got a pretty lengthy, and what would appear to be pretty authentic, list of dishes on the menu. We had a very good shrimp ceviche, an interesting choclo w/ queso fresco (peruvian corn w/ gigantic kernels, like corn on the cob, on steroids), tacu-tacu con bistec (refried rice & beans topped w/ a somewhat stringy but tasty palomilla steak), and then an oddball. It was described on the menu as a tallarin saltado de mariscos, or "stir-fried seafood w/ noodles Peruvian style", but instead of noodles it was basically seafood stir-fried with french fries!

              Ever had stir-fried french fries before? Interesting.

              El Rincon De Chabuca
              7118 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

              1. re: Frodnesor

                "Ever had stir-fried french fries before? Interesting."

                They're a key ingredient in Lomo Saltado, which is the lomo (skirt steak, I think) cut of the meat stir-fried ("saltar" = jump) with tomatoes, french fries and some other ingredients. Very typical Peruvian dish, and I'm sure you've seen it on many Peruvian menus. Tallarines are noodles. So it sounds like they ran out of the noodles and subbed in fries, hoping you wouldn't notice the difference!

          2. re: Miami Danny

            MD - I always enjoy your posts but I'm making a mental note that you and I must have very different taste buds! If you're saying you prefer VerDaddy's to Taco Max, well ... to each his own, I suppose. Oh, and if I recall correctly, you liked the conch "escargot" at Michy's, too! Hmmph. Go figure.

        2. re: Miami Danny

          Taco Max was light years better than VerDaddy's. This place is a deep fried, grey refried bean, greasy taco mess. Taco Max at least kept the menu simple, had a variety of fillings (including chicharron) and was never greasy. I love dive food, but vile is the only way to describe VerDaddy's.

          And BTW, the chef/owner is supposedly from San Diego? If this place opened anywhere near there (or anywhere in California, or Arizona, Nevada and Texas for that matter) it wouldn't last a minute.

          1. re: lax2mia

            When Taco Max reopens, I'll give it a try. And I think it's obvious that we all have different tastes and that's what makes this interesting; for example, the chicharron stick in my mind (as they did in my throat), as possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. And I've eaten it all.
            And the chef/owner of, as I like to call it, VD, used to work for the Four Seasons-that's why I'm thinking he can work out the kinks with a gentle nudge. Taco Max's owner was a Mexican guy-and if he could send out that stuff, there's no hope.

            1. re: Miami Danny

              As I said, go figure. The guy running VD was nice - nice enough that I went back after the most shockingly, comically, brutally inept restaurant performance I have ever personally witnessed (again, see post linked above - in about an hour of waiting for my order I witnessed at least 6 other orders go out wrong, until they shut down at 8pm, but not before actually running out of change in the register!). But even on second visit about a month later, the food was still a sloppy mess (and yes, they got our order wrong again!). I don't know what that guy could have been doing at the Four Seasons, but he sure wasn't picking up tips on how to run a restaurant.

              Obviously Taco Max must have had some consistency issues too, I remember New Times panned it, and their experience was also entirely unlike any I had there.

              I will try my best to overcome my skepticism and give VD another try.

              1. re: Miami Danny

                MD - maybe just because you said so ... maybe because a couple bad experiences shouldn't keep a place in my personal restaurant purgatory forever ... maybe because the SO told me to pick up something on the way home and it was the easiest stop along the way - but I tried Ver Daddy again despite my prior reports. And ...

                That's it. No more. In fairness, I can say some good things. The kitchen had its act together much better than the past couple times we've been (we even got everything we ordered!!! Within 15 minutes!!!) The guy running it is without a doubt one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I do like their crispy greasy chips, I like their chewy tortillas, and I thought their salsas were pretty good.

                But the food - well, it still just isn't that good. Got taco platters of shredded chicken, grilled chicken, and pork in "chile verde". Not a single one of the three had very much flavor at all, and the pork was not in a chile verde but in some scary grey-brown murky sauce which made it look like canned dog food. The rice was watery, the beans were flavorless, it all was slopped with an odd "crema" which had a dash of chipotle in it. An extra appetizer of guacamole was a generous portion, but contained not one but 3 gigantic hunks of inedibly hard, unripe avocado. Those huge hard chunks made up nearly 2/3 the bulk of the serving.

                I honestly can't figure out the disconnect between the guy running VD, who is just as earnest as can be and really seems to be trying hard, and the quality of what's coming out of the kitchen. Maybe some people like this stuff. It ain't me.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Maybe because it is two blocks from my apartment, or maybe I think the owner is a really nice guy, but I still love Verdaddy's. I have come to expect them to be out of food, take a long time and have the food be hit or miss. There is just something about the food that I find comforting and tasty.

                  1. re: herbage

                    Could be the herbage... kidding

                  2. re: Frodnesor

                    My apologies to all and to Fro'-I have stopped promoting VD's-my last coupla visits opened my eyes to the dirt and grime and tasteless, or worse, 'compromised' food. I could have been smoking something, arrived on a good day, been drunk, very drunk, or all of the above-I had a couple of decent things among the not-too-decent things, and hoped they were the real indicators of the future-but mostly I wanted to believe they could turn it around. I am no longer a believer. I would rather eat at the gas station up the block, where the fried patties have been under the heat lamp for days. They've been open too long for it to be this bad.

                    1. re: Miami Danny

                      Sounds like a classic case of EWI (eating while impaired).

            2. The original comment has been removed