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Jul 23, 2007 02:28 PM

New Goat milk ice cream flavors

I was shopping the other day at Whole Food and found out that Laloo's has 2 new ice cream flavors Rumplemint and Capraccino. I bought both of them because I love Laloo's, Rumplemint is a great mint chip, chocolate peices that just melt in your mouth. The ice cream is green but does not look unnatural, it's a soft green. The Capraccino was a creamy coffee ice cream that was delicious. I think i will serve it at my next dinner party.
Had anyone else tried the new flavors yet?

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  1. Thanks, Hello Kitty, for this information that I really don't want!
    Laloo's is really delicious! I especially like their ... actually, I have not had one that I don't like!!! The pumpkin is especially good, and their chocolate is very rich. I just think this company makes a fine product.

    Until your post, I was really trying hard not to go "there," but now I need to check out these new flavors that you have described so lusciously!

    1. Laloos? Coffee? Mint? WhoooooHoooo! *does the goatmilk ice cream dance of joy* I'm with Liu...evil information! Thanks for sharing!I love Laloos...found out about it through a blog written by a lactose-intolerant ice cream lover, and even though I can handle dairy, I'm all over new ice cream delights (especially when they are local to my area, Sonoma county...Laloo's goat herd lives in Petaluma I believe). My fav flavours so far are pumpkin and the chocolate and strawberry darling and...um...*twitch* Can't wait to try the two new ones!

      I think she has a new frozen yogurt flavour, raspberry, out now too. Very tasty. Tried it the other night, and I think I remember hearing that it was a new flavour.

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        chocolateninja -- I share your subdued "WhooooooHooooooo!" enthusiasm!!!!

        Funny, I don't see their new flavors (mint chip and coffee as posted by Hello Kitty here) on their website. I do hope I will be able to find them.

        Have you tried their Molasses Tipsycake? DON'T! Oh my, oh my!

      2. Wasting no time, I scurried to Whole Foods today, but no new flavors. Perhaps their distribution is regional, and perhaps they are testing these new flavors in your area, Hello Kitty. These mint chip and capraccino flavors do not show yet on their website, so maybe it will be up to YOU to let them know how good these new flavors are by buying them out...then my store will carry them, too!

        You can be sure that I will keep checking, and thanks for the "heads up!"

        1. Dairy-intolerant or not, Lalaloo's is the best ice cream I've ever eaten. I'm going to check my Whole Foods tomorrow to see if they have the new flavors. Fingers are crossed. Thanks for the heads-up.

          1. Ooh, exciting update! I just talked to a friend who was picking up some other Laloo's flavours from my local Laloo pimp..ahem...provider, Traverso's Italian Deli in Santa Rosa, and he mentioned that Claudio (the guy who is in charge of the ice cream procurement for Traverso's) was contacted by Laloo's, or their distributor, about the new flavours and Claudio said yes, he definitely wants to get them. They were supposed to be delivered last week, but for some reason they haven't shown up yet. He's expecting them anytime now. The minute I get my hands on some, I'll be sure to report back...and if any of you are in my area, keep an eye on the dairy case at Traverso's. It's a great family-run business to support. (they also sell Ciao Bella gelato, and supposedly getting new flavours of those in soon as well, not to get too off-topic here. (: )

            Traverso's Gourmet Foods
            2097 Stagecoach Rd,, Santa Rosa, CA

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              I got my rumplemint and Capraccino in Petaluma, you can get it at Petaluma Market or the Whole Foods. I think Capraccino is my new favorite but Brownie and Clyde is a very close second.

              1. re: Hello Kitty

                OK -- it's not in my area yet...so now you REALLY need to report back, especially on the Brownie and Clyde frozen yogurt. I haven't seen that in our area, either.

                1. re: liu

                  You haven't tried Brownie and Clyde yet!!?? It's a vanilla frozen yogurt with fat free brownies. And it even has live active cultures its' great !!! They also have a raspberry one too but i have not tired that one yet because i don't like raspberries.

                  1. re: Hello Kitty

                    You know I would have tried it if I could have found it!
                    I am in Southern California and shopping at Gelson's, Whole Foods and Bristol Farms. All three of these stores carry a limited variety of Laloo's frozen treats. I have yet to find their frozen yogurt in any flavor, and I have not seen any of the new flavors that you have offered as a tease!