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Jul 23, 2007 02:26 PM

Addison's in Del Mar

anyone been? the James Beard House tasting menu online looks incredible...nice wine pairings too.

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  1. you and I seem to be on the same trail.. we went there Sat.. soooo rich.. but wonderful..service great... interiors wise.. hmmm. I think Id rather go in the winter.. little too much for me in the summer.. surprised at the whole scheme... lovely to look at the greens. a big yellow balloon actually dipped right in front of the windows... the booths were abit odd for two.. too big... and you cant see over so that was a bit strange... and claustrophobic...but the food was very good.. we brought home half of my lambe though.. It was so rich after the avocado parfait and two tiny ..wonderful rolls.. I was really done!! ok and one martini and Id actually ordered the beets..but my husband and I traded...loved the description though.. beets with was beets and then two tiny pieces of arugula on top.. not to complain though.. they were THE best beets.. cant share anything pretty much ..small portions.. we spent 200 for two.. with two drinks and a half bottle of wine.. no coffee or dessert..too full! Did love that my leftovers were put in to our already pulled up car.. now thats a classy touch!!

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      I actually like the table and booth set up. It affords a degree of separation from other guests and allows for conversation without having to shout. sitting in the bar with the doors open to the golf course is a great way to get the summer feel. the sommelier, Jesse, is certainly at least on a par with the best in town and he has done a great job, in a short period of time, in assembling a great wine list.