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Jul 23, 2007 02:22 PM

Birthday dinner in Providence: Local 121 or Baccaro?

I could use some suggestions for where to dine for my birthday at the end of the month. Suggestions here were great for Persimmon for our anniversary, and we took my parents to Chez Pascal when they visited. I had wanted to try Loie Fuller, but they are closed on Tuesday. How does Local 121 or Baccaro compare? We want something with very good food, and nice ambiance where we can hear each other speak. I am open to any other suggestion, as well.

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  1. Baccaro (actually spelled Bacaro) is far better than Local 121. Much more consistant..... great drinks, wonderful entrees and amazing desserts. The only restaurant in Providence that I really enjoy!!! Have been there 3 times and have never been disappointed.

    1. There are many many posts on here regarding the inconsistency of Local 121. The place is lovely to be sure, but the food ranges from excellent to eh, depending on the night. The most recent reports that I have heard have been positive, so I am willing to give them another try (probably in the summer once the local produce season is flourishing), but if you want a guarantee of a great meal I'd shy away until the reports are more consistent.

      If you'd like to stop by for an after-dinner drink, however, the bar is lovely and they make a nice cocktail. (and also? keep Loie Fuller on your to-do list. One of the best meals I've had in a long time. If you want to venture out of the city, N-Joi, in Cranston, is outstanding. I've been there three times and haven't been dissapointed at all, I highly recommend the chef's tasting menus. But stay away on Fri or Sat after 8 pm. They have live entertainment and the crowd gets a little "western cranston", if you know what I mean. hoping not to insult anyone with that:)

        1. I went to Bacaro last Saturday night and had a wonderful dinner. The service was excellent and the food was very good. They their own version of Tapas that is quite creative. Just don't order the Ceasar salad as an appetizer for two, the thing was the size of a family portion dinner salad. However, the croutons were grilled and delicious and the dressing was real Ceasar salad dressing. Overall it was a wonderful experience, they have an open kitchen overlooking the dining room. I have no experience with Local 121.

          1. I'd stay the hell away from Local 121.

            Here's a previous thread on its mediocrity.