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Jul 23, 2007 02:12 PM

BUZZ BBQ in Las Vegas - The Real Smoky Deal!!

I am originally from KC and my wife is originally from Texas so we both grew up on serious BBQ before moving to Vegas a few months ago.

The first question we asked when we arrived "where's the real smoked BBQ?" Not where's the best "grilled" or "boiled" or "baked" or "liquid smoked" or "fried".

But SMOKED....real slow...real long. With great love, care and patience.

Yesterday upon reading this forum I read a thread about a place called BUZZ BBQ. The wife and I were on our way to try some other recommendations. Mom & Pop places - not chains.

After reading the post about BUZZ BBQ, it sounded too tempting and we drove there to discover THE BEST slow smoked BBQ we've found in Vegas so far. Highly recommended!!

Large portions for reasonable prices. Great non-corporate homey atmosphere created by 2 brothers with tons of personality and relaxed vibes. Love it!! Very clean and professional without the hustle and hassle of 50 waiters and 100 tables of screaming toddlers.

Highlights are the brisket, spare ribs (no babybacks here but you won't miss them), chopped pork and even the chicken. The true real highlight though is the SMELL and the FLAVOR of real hickory smoked high quality meats.

The sides are tasty too - potato salad, bbq beans, ice water cole slaw and great collard greens. And righteous sweet tea just like back home.

Entertaining and informative too. Ask the brothers how they ended up with the name BUZZ. Very clever and creative. (hint: it used to be a coffee place).

For dessert, try the homemade apple pie with homemade (very) vanilla ice cream.

The instant....the second you open the door and walk in you know you're in the right place, even though the location is out of the way, non-mainstream. It's well worth the drive and not that far away from anywhere since Vegas is relatively small. Close to the freeway too. And close to perfect BBQ. What a treat and a rare find. Thank you Chowhound!!

Forget the chains - forget the big budget hype:

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  1. Does anyone have any other recommendations for this kind of real smoked BBQ in the Vegas area? Surely BUZZ is not the only place. I tried Salt Lick at red Rocks and it was rather weak and a real ddisappointment. Famous Dave's was not much better. Searching for more Mom & Pop places. Any clues would be most appreciated!

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        try TC's Rib Crib at Desert Inn and Durango.

      2. I tried Buzz tonight. I'm not ready to break out the superlatives, but it definitely deserves another visit, perhaps earlier in the day. The thick-cut brisket was a bit dried out, which was disappointing, and perhaps a touch oversmoked. However their sausage was top-notch, and the chicken was excellent. The pork ribs were good, though I'd have liked them a little more tender.

        The cole slaw is pretty great, makes me think more of kimchee than cole slaw. The greens were good too, but I didn't like the beans -- way too sweet and sticky -- though that comes down to personal pereference.

        As I said, I want to give it another shot, with the inconsistency of barbecue in mind. I agree on the nice folks working there, the great smell of hickory, and huge portions.