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Jul 23, 2007 02:11 PM

What do you cook in your panini?

We use our pannini often and I would like some variety in the snadwiches that we make. Prefer some that are not loaded with cheese and slathered in butter.

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  1. Butter, yes, gruyere, ham (I like the slivered kind) and maybe a hint of Dijon. A bit of tomato and/or onion. Very simple and wonderful. (I put the gruyere both under and on top of the ham, to glue it all together.)

    1. I have a couple favorites but quality bread is always the most important- soft italian bread is usually my favorite.

      - chicken/fresh fig/grey poupon/hot sauce
      - eggplant/feta/sweet potato
      - cream cheese/salmon/hot sauce

      1. The classic: Genoa salame, prosciutto, thinly sliced tomato, sharp provolone, sometimes thinly sliced Bermuda or other onion, Scali bread slathered with roasted garlic aioli and/or EVOO.

        1. We do them with all sorts of things. Last night it was smoked turkey, black forest ham with muenster and pepperjack cheeses.

          I do a roast beef, blue cheese & grilled onion with arugula that's great too.

          My fave though, is the very simple prosciutto, fresh mozzerella, greens and maybe a little olive tapenade sometimes.

          Oh, and nutella on good cibatta...lovely.

          1. Leftover meats: Chicken, carnitas, roast, whatever. Along with whatever cheese I feel like using: blue, swiss, camembert... Arugula is my favorite green.

            Or - smoked salmon, prosciutto, the usual Italian deli meats.

            My panini grill is non-stick, so I just use a swab of olive oil instead of butter, more for flavor than anything else.