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Jul 23, 2007 02:06 PM

Dumbo Redux

I am heading back to NY this summer with family in tow (including a couple of toddlers), and staying with a brother-in-law who in Dumbo. We stayed with him at the beginning of last summer, and liked the area, but this will be our first return trip since then.

It still seemed to be a growing area last year. Have there been any new places that have opened in the last year that we should check out? We are open to anything from nice dining to a good coffee shop.


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  1. not much has changed to be honest. for a hip area, it has only a handful of restaurants...even smaller group that are worth eating at.

    superfine is still the same...its good and fun and all but the food is a bit lacking. for drinks or sunday brunch, i like it. bubby's has gotten remarkably worse (and it was always pretty terrible at the dumbo branch). that being said, its popular for weekend brunch with kids...sort of like romper room in there. i cant stand it but im young and dont have kids so there you go. five front is solid but unremarkable...nice back garden for nice weather nights. almondine is a great patisserie on water street across the street from the overrated jacques torres but your kids may enjoy both.

    i suggest you walk a few blocks to henry and cranberry and get a table at noodle pudding. i slept on this place for years...its fantastic italian food. their lasagna bolognese is just delicious...all simple, great italian food. nice reservations.

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      I agree completely- the only reason to go to bubby's is to let the kids get loud and run around a bit. Also the park right outside is really great for kids. Five front is good, but nothing spectacular. the only new thing i can think of is the tapas-type place at Rebar, which is across from superfine (haven't tried it yet). But that's not a place to take the kids. If it is a nice day, you are better off going to almondine for pastries and sandwiches, and taking them to the park. Also get some ice cream at the brooklyn ice cream factory on the pier.

      I also agree that walking over to henry st to go to noodle pudding is a good idea. Solid food and very child-friendly. There is a new coffee shop over there, as well as the blue pig ice cream shop. La Petite Marche is getting good reviews, but i'm not sure if that is child-friendly.