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Jul 23, 2007 02:03 PM

Italian deli Surf City NC

A friend told me today that she had a great sausage-and-peppers sandwich at what she called "an Italian deli" in Surf City, but she could not recall the name (it's not New York Corner Deli). She said she turned left after the bridge, sort of like she would have gone to Barnacle Bill's. Any know what she might be talking about?

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  1. After you cross the bridge, take a left at the light. Go about 1-2 miles and there is a small strip mall on the right. There is a new deli in there....can't remember the name though. Good luck.

    1. Montoro's. It IS good. It's in a little strip mall that's perpendicular to the main road, with a kite store and a coffee shop. Sandwiches and some takeout dinner-type stuff.

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        Grazie mille. Has it been there long? My friend is so picky when it comes to Italian. If she says a place is good, I eat there.

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          Hmm. I first noticed it late this spring, and I know it wasn't here last summer. I'd bet they opened up for the tourist season. You should know if you go that there isn't anywhere to eat inside -- they have two outdoor tables in front, and a picnic table in the back, but that's it.

      2. Hello Everyone!! The name of the deli is Montoro's Deli Italiano!!!! We are new to surf city but not to the deli business! Thanks for the positive feedback! Without sounding too prejudice the food really is great! We bake our breads, make all our own salads, cook all our own Ny Strip, Roast beef, Sausage, Chicken breasts, eggplant etc for all the sandwiches!! We got Panini and Ciabata Bread sandwiches as well as the cold and grilled heros and the traditional deli sandwiches anyway you like 'em! We also do dinner meal replacements with all our dinner entrees which has really been great!! We're in the M&M Shopping Plaza on N. New River Dr. Next to the Loggerhead Inn. About 8/10 mile from Roland Ave. Phone #'s 328-1011! We cater too!!!
        Thanks again guys!!

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          You really make your bread from scratch?