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Jul 23, 2007 01:14 PM

Highland Park/SMU Dallas area

so i will be in this area in a couple of weeks and was looking for some good local spots around here. maybe a good breakfast place with really good coffee etc. and a good dinner spot with a good beer selection

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  1. Kuby's for German breakfast and Bubba's for absolutely great friend chicken and rolls! You are in the heart of one of Dallas' best food areas!

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    1. re: randyjl

      second both Kuby's and Bubba' the way , check and see if Bubba's doesn't serve old fashioned breakfasts , as I'm flashing on an image of biscuits and gravy .

      1. re: pinotho

        Yes, Bubba's has excellent breakfasts too. I lived in an apartment across from Bubba's during college, and it's a wonderful thing to wake up every morning to the smell of fried chicken!

    2. Henk's European Deli, can't beat 22 oz draft Optimator for $3.25.

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        Henk's is a great choice for beer......and if it's Friday , a good choice for a German dinner....maybe open on Sat night too , does anyone know Henk's hours ?

        1. re: pinotho

          From their site:

          Monday through Thursday: 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM.*
          Friday: 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM.*
          Saturday: 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.*
          Sunday Brunch: 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.*
          *Kitchen closes 1/2 hour prior.

          I also added a link... more stuff in the chow database is good :P
          Oh yeah, and the beer is $3 for the 22 oz, not $3.25. I've wanted to go there for brunch on sunday, I hear it's quite good.

          Henk's European Deli
          5811 Blackwell St, Dallas, TX 75231

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            Oh I love Henk's, especially on Friday nights. Its a good old fashioned german family night there.

            I usually walk out full with a handful of chocolate I don't need.

            1. re: simply_victoria

              Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Trinity Hall! Gotta mention this place too for good beers.


      2. Henks is one of my favorite places in town. Another good option in that area is Olivella's. You're also a short drive away from Knox-Henderson-- Highland Park Pharmacy, Rouge, Taverna, Sangria, Cafe Madrid, Roti Grill, Kozy Kitchen, Cuba Libre, Old Monk, Porch, Fireside Pies. . . Look any of them up on this message board or

        1. Breakfast spots-

          Cafe Brazil - diner with latin flair
          Zaguan - Venezuelan bakery with egg dishes and crepes and great lunch options
          Drip Coffee - Coffeehouse. Wonderful scones

          These are all really good and serve good coffee

          1. thanks for all the great recs

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              I second the HP Pharmacy, an old neighborhood soda fountain. My grandmother went there, my mother, now me. Chocolate sodas are fantastic. Cafe Madrid and Fireside Pies are great as well.

              And because you are near SMU, you must go to Mustang Donuts. The plain ol' glazed is fabulous!!!